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15 TV Character Storylines That Never, Ever, EVER Should've Happened

All that growth just gone to waste.

We recently asked the members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what storyline completely ruined a TV character's growth. Here's what they said:

Warning: This post contains topics of sexual assault. 

1. When Alex Karev left Jo and Meredith to get back together with Izzie on Grey's Anatomy.

Jo reading Alex's letter stating that he is in love with Izzie

2. When Haley got back together with Dylan on Modern Family.

Haley at her sonogram with Dylan and her mom

3. When Spike attempted to rape Buffy on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Buffy telling Spike she doesn't feel the same way he does about her and Spike insisting that she does still love him

4. When Debbie tricked her boyfriend into getting her pregnant at 15 on Shameless.

Debbie revealing to Fiona that she lied to Derek about being on the pill so that she could get pregnant

5. When Rory dropped out of Yale on Gilmore Girls.

Rory telling Lorelai that she is dropping out of Yale

6. When Jaime left Brienne for Cersei in Season 8 of Game of Thrones.

Jaimie telling Brienne he'd do anything for Cersei and he won't stay

7. When Andy sailed away on the boat without Erin on The Office.

Andy sailing off in his boat and Erin telling the camera that she wishes he asked her to come

8. When Danny's regressed to a sexist jerk on The Mindy Project.

Danny telling Mindy that she has to cook, clean, and raise their son while he works

9. When Fiona did coke while Liam was in the house on Shameless.

Fiona dancing with Vee and Liam and then doing coke and then later she finds Liam passed out with coke smeared on his face

10. Everything Sabrina Spellman did in Seasons 3 and 4 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Sabrina Spellman asking Sabrina Morningstar if one wants to rule hell while the the other lives a normal life

11. When Anya starting doing coke on Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Anya snorting coke at a club

12. When Toby leaked classified information on The West Wing.

Toby telling CJ he leaked the information

13. When Guzman became a classist jerk again on Season 4 of Elite.

Guzman saying that Samu speaks English well for a hick in front of Ari and her family

14. When Schmidt cheated on Cece and Elizabeth by dating them both at the same time.

Schmidt telling Nick he cheated on Cece

15. And when Cordelia slept with Angel's son Connor on Angel.

Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity. 

What are other storylines that completely ruined a TV character? Let us know in the comments.