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    21 Incredibly Cute Photos Of High School Sweethearts Then And Now

    Let's see those glow-ups.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to show us pictures of them and their high school sweethearts then vs. now. Here are their adorable submissions:

    1. "We met during our sophomore year of high school at the age of 15. We’ve been together for 12 years, happily married for six, and have two beautiful girls together!"

    2. "These photos are 13 years apart. This was the earliest picture I could find on Facebook without digging through actual photo albums."

    3. "We started dating in eighth grade in 2006. We had a two year hiatus in high school, but here we are 13 years and two cats later."

    4. "The first picture is us in 1990 and the second is us after two kids and 26 years of marriage."

    5. "The top left photo is from eighth grade semi-formal, and below that is us at 18. The photo on the right is us now at almost 25, after one year of marriage. There is certainly something to be said for growing up with a soulmate. I wouldn’t trade it for anything!"

    6. "My best friend in the world and soon-to-be husband."

    7. "Here we are 25 years and 5 kids later. He was a junior and I was a sophomore. We met in drama class."

    8. "The first picture was before the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix midnight premiere in July 2009. It was a month after we started dating, between freshmen and sophomore year of high school. The second picture is us 10 years later, still together and still laughing."

    9. "We met and became best friends when we were seven and we started dating in high school — that makes 13 years of friendship and three years of love."

    10. "Us at my homecoming dance junior year in 2015 vs. us last month in Orlando going zip lining. He had braces and never smiled, and he won’t admit this, but I’m the only one that finally got him to show his pearly whites! He’s my Pooh Bear and I’m his honey, forever and always."

    11. "The top picture is from 2004 during our freshman year of high school. We started dating about six months later. The bottom picture is us last year! We’ve been together for 13 years and married for three. From high school together, to college together, through ups and downs, a first home, and a puppy, I can’t imagine anyone else by my side except my pal!"

    12. "My husband and I started dating at 17 years old. We’ll hit nine years together this year!"

    13. "We met each other as lil scenie-weenies when I was 16 and he was 18. We were best friends for almost a year before we started officially dating. 11 years later, we are still together and going stronger than ever!"

    14. "We've been together almost 12 years, been married for almost six, and have three kids."

    15. "We met at age 15 in high school by the lockers. We started dating at 16. We got engaged at 22. We got married at 24. Now we're expecting our first baby at 27. I love my high school sweetheart."

    16. "This is us 10 years and two kids later. Looking back, 17 was awfully young to be in a long-term relationship, but we couldn’t live without each other and it just means we have had more time together to go on adventures."

    17. "A whole 16 years later and we still pose the same way."

    18. "The left photo is us back in 2008 when we first started dating. The right photo is from February 2019. We met in 2004 in middle school but didn’t start dating until junior year of high school. We aren’t married (and maybe won’t ever be), but I’ve loved every minute of it so far!"

    19. "Us in high school and us now. We've been married 15 years and have three boys!"

    20. "2006 vs. 2016. We've been together for 13 years and married for three."

    21. "I met the love of my life when I was 12. We officially became a couple in 2003, when I was 15. We married on our 10-year anniversary and will be celebrating 16 amazing years together in May."

    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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