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Show Us Pictures Of You And Your High School Sweetheart Then Vs. Now

And they said it wouldn't last, smh.

Something I'm always surprised by is older couples who began dating back in high school. Whether you've been dating since then or you found your way back to each other, it's pretty cool that you're together all these years later!!!

So I want to see the then vs. now transformation of you and your high school sweetheart!

Maybe you guys were paired together in chemistry class and haven't separated since.

Perhaps you met while cheering on your school's football team and now you have a life and family together.

Or maybe you reunited with your prom date decades later and still felt the *spark.*

My grandma is marrying her prom date today... they found each other 64 years after they went to prom & fell in love again ❤😍😭

So, send us your couple transformation pictures — in a side-by-side, then-vs-now format — along with a description of your relationship journey, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!