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These 101 Photos Suggest We Live In A Matrix And I Would Like To Have That Conversation

Honestly, I'm ready for the simulation to be turned off.

1. This grape was two colors.

u/TofuAndTantrums / Via

2. This shadow was missing a letter.

u/Becausetoast / Via

3. This flame was not where it should've been.

4. This shadow was pixelated.

u/brohannes95 / Via

5. This frog had an extra leg.

6. This cloud looked like a UFO.

7. The kids on this textbook were holding the same textbook that they were on the cover on.

u/The-Licker-Of-Balls / Via

8. This Target sign was white instead of red.

u/TwoMuchGames / Via

9. This bird was perched on air.

u/ThePather252 / Via

10. This cat had opposable thumbs.

u/Bigfoot22 / Via

11. This bike was not matching the reflection.

12. This banana was thicker than usual to say the least.

u/BanalPlay / Via

13. This person lost the crease on their ring finger.

u/hednik4am / Via

14. This building was still buffering.

u/zcrc / Via

15. This single image of a wall, the edge of a building, and the trees in the distance was really trippy.

u/ssnownamm / Via

16. This red and this green grape grew from the same vine.

17. This was one picture of the same place.

u/_jackkk / Via

18. This lemon evolved beyond comprehension.

19. This lamp spelled "anal" on the wall.

u/maddafakk / Via

20. This tree looked more like giant broccoli.

u/Bdogg242 / Via

21. The shot of the TV in the reflection didn't match the actual TV.

u/AvivaSappir / Via

22. This cat was the same color and pattern as the floor.

u/phoenixreborn75 / Via

23. This building looked like the definition of a glitch.

u/stoin29 / Via

24. This person seemed to have a clone.

u/Scalabron / Via

25. This coincidence was way too odd.

u/oldtrader1 / Via

26. This street experienced both day and night.

u/Grimsby545 / Via

27. This shadow did not match the wire's shape.

u/icanbenormaltoo / Via

28. The inside of this rock looked like an ocean.

u/nichs_ / Via

29. This dude looked like he was planted in the ground.

u/leemuel01 / Via

30. This grape was uncomfortably long.

u/TheBoyChadwik / Via

31. This grasshopper was pink.

u/MC4204 / Via

32. This window's reflection made it look like the sky had lights.

u/RoosterjayP / Via

33. This window made it seem like four different seasons were happening at the same time.

u/pommiegurl130 / Via

34. This egg was laid by a chicken without a shell.

u/Jeph_Diel / Via

35. This puddle's reflection looked like an entry to another galaxy.

u/ron_swanson_is_real / Via

36. There was a ripple in these clouds.

u/PaSaAlCe / Via

37. This black car was cleaned so well that it became a mirror.

u/Tittzo / Via

38. This avocado was the length of an arm.

39. These trees looked like they belonged in a video game.

u/Jonki4 / Via

40. This photo's angle made the ocean and boats look like a wall.

u/PrimalMusk / Via

41. There were multiple copies of this person in one class.

u/Siro1337 / Via

42. The way this apple was peeled made it looked pixelated.

u/universe-atom / Via

43. This house was painted the same as the sky and almost disappeared.

u/pachew96 / Via

44. This building looked like a flat piece of paper.

u/AniFaulscabek / Via

45. This filing cabinet shined in a way that made it fade away.

u/Dr_Dewey / Via

46. This sliced ham looked kinda blurred.

u/Dr_Dewey / Via

47. This tree grew through a fence.

u/HembraunAirginator / Via

48. This phone's reflection made it look transparent.

u/lemonick / Via

49. This picture looked like one picture on top of another.

u/Durkss / Via

50. This hotel hallway looked like it led to some sort of portal.

u/TwineTime / Via

51. This steering wheel's reflection looked like a planet was too close to Earth.

u/Baconlessness / Via

52. This fog made a digital Windows 98 billboard look like it was floating in the air.

53. These license plates were in conversation with each other.

u/VerucaMoon / Via

54. This guy played for two soccer teams.

u/tallescabral / Via

55. This bus was full of the same exact passenger.

u/Balzan12 / Via

56. This Snapchat picture made a cat seem to dissolve.

u/xMethyy / Via

57. This mountain fit perfectly with the Clif Bar artwork.

u/AnGabhaDubh / Via

58. The little oil spill next to this person's shoe made it seem like they were floating.

u/Favre4Evre / Via

59. These strangers met at a wedding wearing the exact same outfit.

u/drebler / Via

60. And these couples met each other for the first time at a festival wearing the same clothes.

u/excitotox / Via

61. These separate photos of someone's parents fit together perfectly.

u/flowerboy00 / Via

62. This rainbow came out of a dumpster.

u/NuWuX / Via

63. This cat had a smaller paw on its paw.

u/uwuuwu / Via

64. This dog's paw looked exactly like its face.

u/p480n / Via

65. And this dog's ear looked like another dog.

u/Embeast / Via

66. The sunlight through this window made a UFO beam on the poster.

u/MidnightDrag / Via

67. This mountain snow melted in the shape of a lizard.

u/mcspecies / Via

68. This shadow that said "dog" landed on an actual dog.

u/themattsquared / Via

69. This person's dress matched their tissue box.

u/azaleahey / Via

70. This person's slippers blended in with their office's carpet.

u/PintsOfCoffee / Via

71. These water coolers looked like newlyweds.

u/SoupSeeker / Via

72. This cat was chilling through the middle of a cement wall.

73. This flower was split in two different shades of pink.


74. This tree log looked like a horse's head.

u/pink-weasel / Via

75. This lil dude was trapped under the paint of this building.

u/kart22 / Via

76. This road verge was the starting point for several rainbows.

77. This rock resembled a loaf of bread.

u/JoshPlaysUltimate / Via

78. This plastic bag took the form of a cat.

u/ketiqber / Via

79. This caterpillar had lil penguins on its back.

u/XxXtoolXxX / Via

80. This building between the field and power plants made this look like two different pictures.

weekapang / Via

81. This person's hair curled perfectly in the shape of number 5.

u/FiezJam / Via

82. This fly was beige.


83. This person's scars didn't sweat.

u/Thetacticaltacos / Via

84. The sunlight through a window created this rainbow cheese.

u/beetlecakes / Via

85. This pole made it seem like there was a UPS truck version of CatDog.

u/maxxspeed / Via

86. These two sat so close they became a two headed dog.

u/NegativePitch / Via

87. This Burger King sign appeared to be floating in the air because of the fog.

u/TwoMuchGames / Via

88. This person sitting made it seem like their upper body was levitating.

u/lafarmacia / Via

89. This kneeling teacher became an optical illusion.

u/jdjded436 / Via

90. This sheet took on the form of a person.

91. This person found a portrait of themself from before they were born.

u/jnlsn / Via

92. This toilet had two seat covers.

93. These unrendered trees looked extremely unnatural.

94. This mirror placement looked like a gap in the Earth.

u/dryst04 / Via

95. The reflection of the ceiling light in the window looked like it was hovering in the sky.

u/robyncracknell3 / Via

96. This pile of towels and rolls looked eerily like Cookie Monster.

u/OyeSimpson / Via

97. The veins of this leaf matched the creases of this person's hand-like puzzle.

u/admiralwan / Via

98. This icicle just hung in the air.

u/_xNova / Via

99. This trampoline looked nonexistent because of the water's reflection.

u/huntermanhlh / Via

100. This rock in the middle of a bench looked like some sort of video game malfunction.

u/MrCheapCheap / Via

101. And finally, the pattern of these clouds were really off.

u/mrblahblahblah / Via