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These 101 Photos Suggest We Live In A Matrix And I Would Like To Have That Conversation

Honestly, I'm ready for the simulation to be turned off.

1. This grape was two colors.

2. This shadow was missing a letter.

3. This flame was not where it should've been.

4. This shadow was pixelated.

5. This frog had an extra leg.

6. This cloud looked like a UFO.

7. The kids on this textbook were holding the same textbook that they were on the cover on.

8. This Target sign was white instead of red.

9. This bird was perched on air.

10. This cat had opposable thumbs.

11. This bike was not matching the reflection.

12. This banana was thicker than usual to say the least.

13. This person lost the crease on their ring finger.

14. This building was still buffering.

15. This single image of a wall, the edge of a building, and the trees in the distance was really trippy.

16. This red and this green grape grew from the same vine.

17. This was one picture of the same place.

18. This lemon evolved beyond comprehension.

19. This lamp spelled "anal" on the wall.

20. This tree looked more like giant broccoli.

21. The shot of the TV in the reflection didn't match the actual TV.

22. This cat was the same color and pattern as the floor.

23. This building looked like the definition of a glitch.

24. This person seemed to have a clone.

25. This coincidence was way too odd.

26. This street experienced both day and night.

27. This shadow did not match the wire's shape.

28. The inside of this rock looked like an ocean.

29. This dude looked like he was planted in the ground.

30. This grape was uncomfortably long.

31. This grasshopper was pink.

32. This window's reflection made it look like the sky had lights.

33. This window made it seem like four different seasons were happening at the same time.

34. This egg was laid by a chicken without a shell.

35. This puddle's reflection looked like an entry to another galaxy.

36. There was a ripple in these clouds.

37. This black car was cleaned so well that it became a mirror.

38. This avocado was the length of an arm.

39. These trees looked like they belonged in a video game.

40. This photo's angle made the ocean and boats look like a wall.

41. There were multiple copies of this person in one class.

42. The way this apple was peeled made it looked pixelated.

43. This house was painted the same as the sky and almost disappeared.

44. This building looked like a flat piece of paper.

45. This filing cabinet shined in a way that made it fade away.

46. This sliced ham looked kinda blurred.

47. This tree grew through a fence.

48. This phone's reflection made it look transparent.

49. This picture looked like one picture on top of another.

50. This hotel hallway looked like it led to some sort of portal.

51. This steering wheel's reflection looked like a planet was too close to Earth.

52. This fog made a digital Windows 98 billboard look like it was floating in the air.

53. These license plates were in conversation with each other.

54. This guy played for two soccer teams.

55. This bus was full of the same exact passenger.

56. This Snapchat picture made a cat seem to dissolve.

57. This mountain fit perfectly with the Clif Bar artwork.

58. The little oil spill next to this person's shoe made it seem like they were floating.

59. These strangers met at a wedding wearing the exact same outfit.

60. And these couples met each other for the first time at a festival wearing the same clothes.

61. These separate photos of someone's parents fit together perfectly.

62. This rainbow came out of a dumpster.

63. This cat had a smaller paw on its paw.

64. This dog's paw looked exactly like its face.

65. And this dog's ear looked like another dog.

66. The sunlight through this window made a UFO beam on the poster.

67. This mountain snow melted in the shape of a lizard.

68. This shadow that said "dog" landed on an actual dog.

69. This person's dress matched their tissue box.

70. This person's slippers blended in with their office's carpet.

71. These water coolers looked like newlyweds.

72. This cat was chilling through the middle of a cement wall.

73. This flower was split in two different shades of pink.

74. This tree log looked like a horse's head.

75. This lil dude was trapped under the paint of this building.

76. This road verge was the starting point for several rainbows.

77. This rock resembled a loaf of bread.

78. This plastic bag took the form of a cat.

79. This caterpillar had lil penguins on its back.

80. This building between the field and power plants made this look like two different pictures.

81. This person's hair curled perfectly in the shape of number 5.

82. This fly was beige.

83. This person's scars didn't sweat.

84. The sunlight through a window created this rainbow cheese.

85. This pole made it seem like there was a UPS truck version of CatDog.

86. These two sat so close they became a two headed dog.

87. This Burger King sign appeared to be floating in the air because of the fog.

88. This person sitting made it seem like their upper body was levitating.

89. This kneeling teacher became an optical illusion.

90. This sheet took on the form of a person.

91. This person found a portrait of themself from before they were born.

92. This toilet had two seat covers.

93. These unrendered trees looked extremely unnatural.

94. This mirror placement looked like a gap in the Earth.

95. The reflection of the ceiling light in the window looked like it was hovering in the sky.

96. This pile of towels and rolls looked eerily like Cookie Monster.

97. The veins of this leaf matched the creases of this person's hand-like puzzle.

98. This icicle just hung in the air.

99. This trampoline looked nonexistent because of the water's reflection.

100. This rock in the middle of a bench looked like some sort of video game malfunction.

101. And finally, the pattern of these clouds were really off.