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    This Man Spilled A Tub Of Cereal And Milk On The Subway As A Prank And It's Actually Not Funny At All


    Lately, a lot of us are keeping ourselves entertained during quarantine by watching endless hours of funny and creative TikToks.

    Well, a couple days ago, TikTok user @fckjoshy uploaded two videos of himself pulling a "prank" on the New York City subway.

    The TikTok starts with him filling a huge tub with milk and cereal on the train.

    Then he starts eating it with his mask off while sitting in close proximity to other people.

    Then, he walks around pestering other passengers — many of whom are likely essential workers — still not wearing his mask.

    Finally, he proceeds to spill the whole tub all over the floor and pretend it was an accident.

    Passengers then have no choice but to clear out of the way since their commute is ruined, and then he leaves the train car with an immense mess that an MTA employee is going to have to clean up.

    Apparently I missed the joke here because I'm failing to see how any of this is funny and not extremely disrespectful. The comments on the TikTok are filled with people who feel the same.

    The MTA even responded on Twitter, calling the prank "despicable."

    A new low: Pulling a prank on essential workers in the middle of a global pandemic. And making essential workers clean up your mess. Despicable.

    And other Twitter users have been commenting on the disgraceful stunt as well.

    does he think this shit is funny....

    Imagine the scene: It's a global pandemic. You're forced to go to work and risk getting a deadly virus because if you don't you can't pay the rent or buy food. You're on a packed subway full of potentially sick people then some guy throws cereal on your shoes for a tik-tok video

    So what’s the point you bring the whole bucket of cereal to the subway? And you expect ppl to help you when you disturb them? It’s disgusting

    So clearly, this prank is far from amusing and I honestly look forward to when some people can learn to be funny without harassing others or being disrespectful to service workers.