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31 Celebrity Thirst Traps From 2019 That I Completely Fell For

If men are trash, then I'm about to go dumpster diving.

1. Zac Efron can — and I cannot stress this enough — ruin my life.

2. Imagine waking up and seeing Nyle DiMarco lookin' like THIS:

3. I hope Odell Beckham Jr. moves his hand in the next picture.

4. That's actually my drool that's falling over Channing Tatum.

5. Thank you, Noah Centineo, for blessing us with this post-shower pic.

6. However, Alex Landi's post-shower selfie left my jaw on the FLOOR.

7. Someone tell Instagram to put Jason's Derulo's original picture back up.

8. Whew, the beauty really jumped out in Zayn Malik's pic!

9. BRB, gonna make Michael B. Jordan my new lock screen.

10. God, I wish I was Shawn Mendes's avocado:

11. I spy with my queer eye Tan France looking fine as hell.

12. Antoni Porowski doesn't hurt to look at either.

13. Jared Leto looks like hot Jesus and I would like to have that conversation.

14. Despite all the crap 2019 put us through, at least we got to see Liam Payne's booty.

15. Kendrick Sampson, plz know that I would risk it ALL for you.

16. Justin Baldoni is the absolute definition of a DILF.

17. Oof, Hasan Piker is truly a living, breathing, walking thirst trap. 🤤

18. This picture of Alex Pall might just make me start streaming the Chainsmokers.

19. I love how Ricky Martin is always just minding his business and looking hot.

20. Suddenly I'm drowning and I need Yahya Abdul-Mateen II to save me.

21. What I would give to be stranded in the desert with Harry Shum Jr.

22. Finding out that Henry Golding has tats made him 10x hotter.

23. If the Riverdale cast did actually have a car wash, I would most definitely be a regular customer.

24. Wilson Cruz's pecs... I might faint.

25. And Dyllón Burnside in a speedo — what more could I ask for?

26. Who told Angel Bismark Curiel he was allowed to be so HOT?!??!!?

27. I'm a total and complete sucker for Mario Lopez's dimples...and abs.

28. Shemar Moore looks this fine at 49 years old and we love to see it!

29. I just want to use this opportunity to let Mena Massoud know that my DMs are open.

30. Never thought I'd say this, but Artie from Glee (Kevin McHale) could get it!!!

31. And finally, Idris Elba is still a total zaddy, but what's new?