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17 Celeb Photoshop Fails From The 2010s That You Can't Unsee Once You've Seen Them

Featuring two thumbs, a ghost foot, and a missing leg.

1. Ally Brooke having two right feet in a Billboard magazine shoot was honestly herstory.

2. The way Chicago West is photoshopped here made it look like she was a sticker that was slapped on the photo.

3. Ariana Grande's thumb here is almost as long as her ponytail.

4. Speaking of thumbs, I love how Khloé Kardashian has two here.

5. And so does Rihanna! (Maybe I'm supposed to have more thumbs??? IDK)

6. Jesus walked on water so Britney Spears could lie down on it.

7. This selfie of Selena Gomez is totally perfect...until you see the doorframe.

8. It's peculiar how Adam Levine's torso just *disappeared* from this Vogue Russia shoot.

9. It was hard not to see how airbrushed this Kris Jenner Instagram was after Gordon Ramsey posted another version.

10. Vanity Fair accidentally gave Oprah a third hand which kept me up at night.

11. This ad had four pretty little liars but only seven legs.

12. Beyoncé would've gotten away with this if it weren't for that misaligned step between her thighs!

13. Not really sure what was going on with Kourtney Kardashian's legs here.

14. Nicole Scherzinger wasn't very good at convincing people that she was actually eating this dessert.

15. Gigi Hadid basically had a ghost foot in this ad for Guess Girl.

16. Meanwhile, Emma Watson's right leg went M.I.A. in this Burberry ad.

17. And finally, John Mayer uploaded this photo of his ~flawless~ skin that is clearly too good to be true.