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    Brie Larson's Reaction To This Marriage Proposal Will Make Your Day

    She loved to see it.

    You've heard of Brie Larson, right? The charming kween who plays the badass Captain Marvel.

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    Well, this weekend Brie was just minding her business at ACE Comic Con in Chicago and taking pics with her fans when THIS happened:


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    Yup! Two men got engaged right in front of Brie and her jaw DROPPED.

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    Like guys, she quite literally became the 😲 emoji for a sec.

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    The two men are John Chambrone and Richard Owen. John told BuzzFeed that he handed a letter to Brie that explained why it was so special for him to propose in front of her.

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    He also shared that he and Richard have been overwhelmed by the response. "What was a special moment for my husband and me to be with our favorite hero is being embraced by the world! It just feels amazing!" he said.

    And this was clearly also special to Brie. Her expression is basically saying, "OMG, is this really happening?!?!??!"

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    She looked more shocked than the guy being proposed to!

    Even after, as the couple kissed, she peeked out behind them, still completely shook to her core.

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    Afterward, she tweeted and gave her love to the newly-engaged couple. 💕

    Y’all I was present for a proposal and I am CHANGED. Much love to the happy couple!!!!

    Wow, Brie Larson really loves love!!! We have to stan!

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