18 Before-And-After Photos Of Tattoos And Cover-Ups That Prove A Bad Tattoo Isn't Forever

    If you can't see it, it doesn't exist.

    We recently asked the members of the BuzzFeed Community to show us their bad tattoos and the amazing cover-ups they got. Here are the best tattoo glow-ups:

    1. This angel that got a beautifully detailed upgrade:

    A poorly done tattoo of an angel and a beautiful cover-up of an angel

    2. This underwater-themed tattoo that got an epic makeover:

    A blotchy tattoo of a starfish and beautiful cover-up an underwater scene

    3. This rose transformation:

    A blotchy tattoo of a rose a beautiful detailed cover-up of a rose

    4. These stars that covered up footprints and a shoddy tattooed name:

    A poorly done tattoo of stars and footprints with the name "Michael" and a cover-up of bigger stars and the name "Michael"

    5. This colorful flower that replaced an ill-fading tattoo:

    A faded tattoo of angel wings and initials and colorful cover-up of flower

    6. This disfigured lightning bolt that got hidden by a Scottish thistle:

    A tattoo of a lightening bolt that looks like a twig and cover-up of a Scottish thistle

    7. This unintentionally phallic tattoo that's now covered by gorgeous wildflowers:

    A tattoo of a stethoscope that looks like a penis when a watch is worn and cover-up of a beautiful flower

    8. This tattoo that was covered with a vibrant and dreamy scene:

    A bad tattoo of the comedy and tragedy masks and a huge cover-up of a bird and trees

    9. This goat that shape-shifted into a dragon:

    A tattoo outline of a goat smoking and huge cover-up of a dragon

    10. This amateur sunset that turned into something of great quality:

    A poorly done tattoo of a sunset and a cover-up of an cute animal

    11. This blotchy ink that was covered by a work of art:

    A smudged tattoo of a name and cover-up of Tim Burton-esque scene

    12. This faded tat that was upgraded with a detailed horse:

    A huge very faded tattoo and a huge cover-up of a horses face

    13. This scenic and chromatic cover-up:

    A tattoo of a quote and a colorful cover-up of a tree, the ocean, and sunset

    14. This blurry bird that became a lovely flower:

    An extremely faded tattoo of a bird and a detailed cover-up of flowers

    15. These gorgeous flowers that camouflage a teenage stick-and-poke:

    A faded butterfly tattoo and a wrap around cover-up of flowers

    16. This carelessly drawn phoenix that got a much-needed enhancement:

    A half-done tattoo of a phoenix a completed colorful version

    17. This owl that disguised a poorly done heart:

    A tattoo of heart with "equality" written inside and a cover-up of a colorful owl

    18. And this peacock that veiled an unflattering quote design:

    A poorly done tattoo of a quote a a huge cover-up of vibrant peacock

    Do you have botched tattoos that you got covered up? Show us in the comments!