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Show Us Photos Of Your Botched Tattoo And The Cover-Up Tattoo

Out of sight, out of mind.

Sometimes you're super excited to get a tattoo but the end result is, well...pretty bad.

Luckily, a good cover-up can save the day and transform something lousy into something awesome!

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So we want to see the before and after photos of your botched tattoos and their amazing cover-ups.

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Maybe you had a tiny, uneven tattoo that you had beautifully enhanced.

A tiny crooked wave tattoo and a bigger wave tatoo

Or maybe you covered up something big and colorful with an even more vibrant tattoo.

A botched tattoo of flowers and it's cover-up of bigger and more vibrant flowers

Or perhaps your cover-up is a completely different concept from the original.

A botched tattoo of a race horse and its cover-up of a Dark Tower

Show us your original tattoos and their cover-ups (make sure they're in side-by-side/collage format) and the stories about them, and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!