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20 Bad Wigs In TV And Movies That Can't Be Ignored Once You See Them

These can't be unseen.

1. First, Nicole Kidman's wig in Top of the Lake looked like the dust ball you found under your fridge.

See-saw Films

2. All of Anne Hathaway's wigs from Brokeback Mountain haunt me each and every day.

Focus Features

3. Jennifer Garner's hair in Alias was so bright that it actually made my eyes hurt.


4. Taylor Lautner's dry wig in Twilight and Twilight: New Moon made it seem like Jacob didn't even wash his hair.

Summit Entertainment

5. Julia Roberts' wig in Mother's Day made her look like she was wearing an Anna Wintour costume from Party City.

Open Road Films

6. Halle Berry's hair in the X-Men movies looked like it was photoshopped onto her head.

20th Century Fox

7. Jennifer Lawrence's wig in the X-Men movies could've at least TRIED to pretend that it grew out of her scalp.

20th Century Fox

8. Jake Johnson and Lamorne Morris did not deserve New Girl doing them so wrong in this flashback scene.


9. This picture of Samuel Jackson from The Spirit just said, "You like my hair? Gee thanks, just bought it."


10. And I'm 90% sure a gentle breeze could've blown off Samuel Jackson's wig in The Great White Hype.

20th Century Fox

11. I just need to know who was responsible for putting this mop on Anthony Anderson's head in Scary Movie 3 and calling it dreads.

Dimension Films

12. Alyson Hannigan in How I Met Your Mother was every college student who their cut their hair and gave themselves bangs at 3 a.m.

20th Century Fox

13. Nicole Kidman's dusty gray wig in Destroyer looks like it's lived through wars and seen some things.

Annapurna Pictures

14. Shemar Moore's "cornrows" in Diary of a Mad Black Woman should've been considered an actual crime.


15. I'm not sure if I've seen something more obviously a wig than Ginnifer Goodwin's in Once Upton A Time.


16. Peter Dinklage's wig in The Boss made him look like a teenager going through his emo phase.

Universal Pictures

17. The bleach blonde wig Jessica Alba wore in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer was almost as as offputting as the blue contacts she had to wear with them.

20th Century Fox

18. Terrance Howard's wig in Empire made him look like a ragamuffin doll.


19. Tatiana Maslany's played seven characters on Orphan Black and this character by far has the worst wig.

Space / BBC America

20. And finally, Dacre Montgomery's wig on Stranger Things was so bad yet he still Idk how, I'm very confused.


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