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    17 Low-Key Genius Products We Tried And Loved In 2017

    Including an overnight gel that will banish blemished skin and leave you fresh as a daisy.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    Hi! The team here basically live on the internet, and we're always recommending products to each other. So we thought we'd let you know what we bought and loved, loved, loved this year.

    1. A charcoal scrub that will exfoliate and soften your skin, so you'll look like an Insta filter in real life.

    2. A super-light suitcase that is perfect for carry-on, but durable enough to check in too.

    Ailbhe Malone/BuzzFeed

    "I am so smug about my new suitcase. I have needed a new one for ages, but didn't want to pay £££ for a Samsonite, or more accurately, £225 for a trendy Away case (they come with a USB charger). After a bit of research, I found Aerolite on Amazon. There's a range of colours, with at least one colour on special offer (I bought the yellow for £29.99, as I like a jolly colour – and it's easier to spot in an overhead bin).

    "I've taken this suitcase away for four weekends running, and each time it's fit an admirable amount in it – from a Eurostar stash of French wine,to several outfits for a girls' weekend away. There are loads of interior pockets, so you can store your dirty clothes and toiletries cleverly. And the shell is still light enough so that you can lift it into an overhead compartment with ease. I'm totally in love." – Ailbhe Malone

    Buy it on Amazon, £29.99

    3. A genius high street product that will make sure your lipstick stays put all night.

    4. A full coverage concealer that will perk up tired eyes and hold up for a full day's use without drying out.

    5. A chef's candle that will eliminate cooking smells from the tiniest of kitchens.

    "I have been buying these candles for almost five years and they are flipping amazing. I had a studio apartment for three years, so you can imagine what it smelled like after cooking fish – which is when I discovered these candles. You light one after cooking and they magically absorb odours. They’re not strongly scented, and come in a handy three-pack. I also love the clean-window variety too, which has a fresh cotton scent." – Ailbhe Malone

    Get it at Amazon, £3.75, or in the US for $9.81.

    6. An out-of-this-world update on '00s lip gloss, cosigned by Queen Rih.

    7. A simple but addictive board game that you can play on the go.

    Tabatha Leggett

    “I bought Hive before a long holiday with my boyfriend two years ago. It’s a two-player game that’s a bit like chess, but quicker – one game takes about 15 minutes. We were traveling across Scandinavia and getting trains almost every other day, which made Hive perfect because you don’t need a board for it. The aim of the game is to surround the queen bee with other insects, which all move in different ways. It sounds odd but is honestly the most compelling game I’ve ever played.” – Tabatha Leggett

    Get Hive on Amazon, £19.95, or in the US for $29.96.

    8. A pair of super-stylish noise-cancelling headphones that are also seriously pocket-friendly.

    Ailbhe Malone/ BuzzFeed

    "I bought these because they were the lowest-priced, highest-rated noise-reducing headphones, but omg they’re actually the fanciest thing. They’re so pretty and came with their own presentation box and a bunch of accessories. They’re so pretty that they’d even make a nice, cheap present for someone. The set I bought (the SP1050) are currently out of stock, but this similar pair are available on special offer on Amazon, for £7.99. " – Natalya Lobanova

    Get the Sephia SP8040 for £7.99 on Amazon, or in the US for $7.99.

    9. A light but conditioning curl cream that will revitalise, moisturise, and strengthen curls.

    Dionne Grant/ BuzzFeed

    "For as long as I can remember, or as long as my mum allowed me to do my own hair, I have worn it in the tightest of ponytails. My ponytails were so slick, it would be hard for anyone to tell where my forehead ended and my hairline begun. But years of tightness took its toll on my edges. My hair was thinning and I had to think quick before I lost it all. I reluctantly let my hairband go, let my natural curls loose and embraced my self-styled afro.

    "After spending a small fortune (I’m not even exaggerating) on products that didn’t work or left my hair feeling heavy, lifeless and greasy, one of my friends gave me ORS Curl Amplifying Gel Souffle. It hadn’t worked for her hair, which is a little thicker than mine, so she suggested I try it and it was honestly love at first use. My curls actually flourished.

    "For my ladies with relatively thin afro hair, the product is moisturising without being heavy, can be used daily with a leave-in conditioner (I use Keracare Leave In Conditioner), and the best part? There is no product build-up. RESULT!" – Dionne Grant

    Get it at Boots, £6.29, or in the US from Amazon for $9.39.

    10. A sparkling rose gold pen that will perk up your desk and your life tbh.

    Dionne Grant/ BuzzFeed

    “I have pens in every single colour, thickness, and brand and at various price points, but there’s one pen that has come in and absolutely stolen my heart. It’s the Swarovski Crystalline Stardust Ballpoint Pen in rose gold. Like, daaaaamn! This pen is a thing of beauty and always elicits some sort of interaction with the person next to me when I bring it out.

    “Granted, it writes a little thicker than I like – take a look at the handwriting photo I’ve used in the review (it’s smooth though) – but what it lacks in nib size for me, it definitely makes up for in aesthetics. The white crystals (1,300 to be exact) around the barrel of the pen reflect the pen’s rose gold casing, which makes it all the more stunning. And if that wasn’t enough, it comes in a fancy velvet pouch, which will protect it when it’s in your bag. Go on, treat yourself! You’re welcome!” – Dionne Grant

    Get it at Ernest Jones, £25, or in the US from Amazon for $29.96.

    11. A lush deep-pile rug that will make any living room feel luxury AF.

    Hilary Mitchell

    “I got this rug from Amazon and was pleasantly surprised. It’s lush, good-quality, modern, and deep-pile and feels way more luxurious than the price tag or photos suggest.” – Hilary Mitchell

    Get it on Amazon, £69.99, or in the US from eBay for $94.19.

    12. An overnight gel that will banish blemished skin and leave you fresh as a daisy.

    13. A protective phone case that is a must for anyone who's even medium-level clumsy.

    Chelsey Pippin/ BuzzFeed

    “I bought this really minimal protective case from Otterbox when I bought my iPhone 7 plus because, no judgment, but last year I had to replace my phone 4 times because I kept dropping it. Like, the insurance company cancelled my policy because I cost them too much money. Fast forward to now, I’ve had my new phone since November, and while I have not stopped dropping it, I have not had to ring my (new) insurance company with bad news a single time.

    'With an Otterbox, you would literally have to slam your phone face first into a stalagmite to crack it – and I’m not saying I won’t have that bad luck someday – but for your run of the mill I-flung-my-phone-two-metres-from-my-hand-onto-pavement-because-I-saw-a-spider accidents, you’ve got to have one.

    “Oh and let’s just admire the unobtrusive design for a minute – it’s sleek and smooth and light and includes a tough-but-clear panel on the back that will show off your colour choice, so bring on the rose gold.” – Chelsey Pippin

    If you want this clear Otterbox, it’s available for £37.99 on Otterbox, or in the US for $39.95.

    If you want a more general Otterbox case, they’re available on Amazon, £17.80, or in the US for $14.76.

    14. A silk pillowcase that will save delicate hair from breakage, and defeat night-time frizz.

    “I toss and turn a lot during my sleep and I’d noticed a lot of breakage in my hair, sleeping on silk is supposed to reduce friction and be a lot better for your hair and your skin. I actually bought these pillowcases nearly three years ago. They’ve survived countless washing and are still in perfect condition. One side is pure silk, the other is cotton, which is what adds to the durability. The silk is thick but also fairly matte, so they look like inconspicuous neutral pillowcases. Whenever I sleep on them, I wake up with my hair still smooth and neat, and with no horrible pillow crease marks on my face.” – Natalya Lobanova

    Get it on Amazon, £10.49

    15. A saviour balm for people who love a matt lip, but hate having dry lips after.

    16. A drying lotion that will stop painful spots in their tracks, and is good value, as a little goes a long way.

    17. A leather balm with over 1.5k positive reviews that will revitalize your winter boots for next year.

    “Do you own literally anything made of leather? Sofa? Boots? Nice shoes? Motorcycle leathers? Bad ’70s jacket? Trenchcoat? You need Renapur! Have you EVER seen anything with so many five-star reviews? This stuff works. Feed your leather. It’ll be shiny for a while and makes things sooooo supple and soft.

    “It also smells amazing since it’s made of beeswax, avocado oil, and jojoba oil. How do you not want this? BUY IT!” – Paul Curry

    Get it on Amazon, £12, or in the US for $25.