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7 Life-Changing Things To Buy Online In June

Including an idiot-proof, dual-ended eyeliner that is comfortable enough to wear all day long.

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

Hi! I'm the kind of person that messages my friends with products I'm obsessed with. And at work, my team and I are constantly recommending products to each other. So we thought we'd let you know what we're digging too.

For the sake of transparency, we'll always let you know if we're recommending something that we tried as a press sample/got for free.

1. An idiot-proof, dual-ended eyeliner that is comfortable enough to wear all day long.

Ailbhe Malone/ BuzzFeed

I'm no newbie when it comes to liquid eyeliner, but I have a bad habit of sleeping late – and perfect cat-eye flicks were the first sacrifice to my snoozing agenda. So I've backed away from my preferred eyeliner and brush combo (shoutout Mac Blacktrack) and into the world of eyeliner felt-tip pens.

I've had some luck with Eyeko but when it ran out, I nipped into Selfridges Beauty Hall (so soothing!) to see what else was available. I also had £9 left on a voucher, and was committed to using it up exactly.

So, I was really pleased with this £9 eyeliner from NYX. One end is a skinny, well-pigmented black felt tip, and the other is a soft-smudgy kohl. I line my lids with the felt-tip, and tightline with the kohl. It stays put all day and doesn't irritate my eyes. I'm going to buy it again when it runs out.

Buy NYX Two Timer Eyeliner at Selfridges, £9


2. A phone case that protects your phone from even the clumsiest of accidents.

Ailbhe Malone/ BuzzFeed

"I bought this really minimal protective case from Otterbox when I bought my iPhone 7 plus because, no judgment, but last year I had to replace my phone 4 times because I kept dropping it. Like, the insurance company cancelled my policy because I cost them too much money. Fast forward to now, I've had my new phone since November, and while I have not stopped dropping it, I have not had to ring my (new) insurance company with bad news a single time. With an Otterbox, you would literally have to slam your phone face first into a stalagmite to crack it – and I'm not saying I won't have that bad luck someday – but for your run of the mill I-flung-my-phone-two-metres-from-my-hand-onto-pavement-because-I-saw-a-spider accidents, you've got to have one.

"Oh and let's just admire the unobtrusive design for a minute - it's sleek and smooth and light and includes a tough-but-clear panel on the back that will show off your colour choice, so bring on the rose gold." – Chelsey Pippin

If you want this clear Otterbox, it's available via Otterbox, £30

If you want a more general Otterbox case, they're available on Amazon, £15.50

3. A brow gel that actually gives you highlights for days.

Tolani Shoneye/ BuzzFeed

"When I got a press sample of this product, I thought it would be a little gimmicky, a gel that can highlight my brows, yeah sure. But my gosh I was so silly to underestimate this. I love it so much. It makes my brows look so real, and not just two curved lines across my face. It also allows my brows to match my hair colour a little more. The only reason why I didn't give it full marks is because it's a little expensive, for just an eyebrow product." – Tolani Shoneye

Get 3D BROWtones eyebrow enhancer from Benefit, £20

4. A weirdly satisfying foot peel that will make your soles feel reborn.

"This is my recommendation: that everyone should buy these and have their feet peel like weird lizard people. It may just be me, but the whole process of wearing the weird peeling socks, then waiting for your feet to be reborn was both hilarious and grossly appealing. Perfect for the cross section of people who watch spot popping videos online but also love smooth skin. Ailbhe, it's the most disgusting and great thing Ive ever bought. I even convinced the Paris team to buy them." – Rachael Krishna

Buy the Tony Moly Shiny Foot Super Peeling Liquid on Amazon, £12.90

5. A lip balm that will save your lips when they're as dry as the Sahara.

"I'm a regular lipstick wearer (in fact I wear it every day), but after a while I found my lips were getting dry and sore from scrubbing off matte lipstick each night. My friend randomly gifted me the Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm For Lips, and since then I haven't looked back. I put it on every night after removing my lipstick, and I wake up with soft, hydrated lips – the perfect canvas for the perfect pout." – Gena-Mour Barrett

Get Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm on Amazon, £12


6. A light-weight plant stand that frees up space in a small garden.

Laura Gallant/BuzzFeed, Sian Butcher/BuzzFeed

Yes, I love gardening and I don't care who knows it. So for a recent piece, I tried out Pinterest garden hacks. This stand was one of the more successful outcomes. It was only £20 on Amazon, and is easy to assemble, and allows all the plant pots to get enough sun to keep them happy.

However, it’s not the sturdiest – I was wary of putting any bigger planters on it, and I’ve already lost one small ceramic pot to a wobble. So long as you keep plastic planters on it, and distribute the weight evenly, it's a good pocket-friendly option. This stand has lived happily in my garden for a month now, and the plants are thriving – and it hasn't blown over in the wind yet either.

Get the plant stand on Amazon, £21.95

7. A water bottle that will give you a reason to actually go to the gym.!uk!goo!pla!c!!!183164348581&gclid=CJWy-aqpg9QCFYYV0wodb0IAOg

"This is very boring, but very pretty. No gym session is complete without it. I actually love it." – Dionne Grant

Get this cute water bottle from Nike, £16

Is there something you think we should try out next month? @ me or let us know in the comments!