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    23 Basic Cooking Mistakes Everybody Makes

    Stop leaving the pit in your guac!!!

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community what things people are cooking totally wrong. Here are the best of the many tips and suggestions.

    1. Leaving the pit in the guac doesn't really make it last much longer.

    2. Don't cube your butter. Use a cheese grater instead.

    3. Cook bacon in the oven instead of a skillet.

    4. Spin that salad, unless you want mud in your mouth.

    5. And if you're sauteeing onions with garlic, wait until the onion gets soft before adding the garlic.

    6. Please rinse your rice.

    7. Let the meat REST, people!

    8. Don't be afraid of flavors. Use lots of spices!

    9. If you're using whole spices like cumin or coriander, toast them first to bring out the aroma.

    10. Don't just dump salt and pepper in at the end. Season throughout.

    11. If you find a recipe online, check comments and reviews to make sure it actually works.

    12. And if you're following a recipe, you need to actually follow it.

    13. Remember: If you're doubling the recipe, make sure to double everything!

    14. If you want to brown something, don't crowd the pan.

    15. Don't serve overcooked green mush. Blanch those bad boys.

    16. Why microwave sweet potatoes when you can roast them?

    17. Don't overwork your ground meat.

    18. Forget about putting oil in your pasta water. Just make sure to salt it.

    19. Boiling Brussels sprouts usually makes them stinky and mushy.

    20. Don't cook wet tofu. Press your tofu for better, firmer texture.

    21. When you're making an omelette, cook your fillings separately before you add them.

    22. Four simple words: Let the cake cool.

    "Unless you want to be like one of those Pinterest cake fails."


    23. And worst of all, stop microwaving eggs. That's a goddamn travesty.

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    Submissions have been lightly edited and condensed.