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"See Something Say Something" Talks Asahd Khaled And Sitcom Stereotypes

Bless up.

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This week on BuzzFeed podcast, See Something Say Something, Ahmed debuted a new segment called "Do Better" with BuzzFeed's Abid Anwar, where we fix your problematic faves.


The two talk about an old, slightly racist character (seen above) from Seinfeld and then talk about ways to make him.... slightly less racist.

Later on, Ahmed talks to resident DJ Khaled expert Gena-Mour Barrett about the musician's son Asahd's incredible Instagram game.

How to listen:

1. If you’re on a mobile device, click this link to open in your native podcasting app.

2. Or, search for “See Something Say Something” in your podcast app of choice, like Overcast, Pocket Casts, Stitcher, Acast, Apple’s built-in Podcast app, and more.

3. Be sure to subscribe, so you never miss a new episode!

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