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    It's Gonna Be A Long Few Years So Here Are 15 Muslim Memes For You To Laugh At

    Think of it as self-care.

    This week on BuzzFeed podcast See Something Say Something, I invited guests to talk about self-care since the election.

    Guests include mental health professionals Kameelah Rashad and Bisma Anwar, as well as BuzzFeed's own Zainab Shah, Reeda Saleem, Aisha Gani, and Ikran Dahir.

    We recorded the episode the day before Trump's inauguration, so we decided to have some conversations about mental health...

    ICYMI: @ImBizzyBee was on the show!

    ...the importance of organizing to American Muslim history...

    This week's ep: @KameelahRashad on self care & the importance of studying the history of civil rights and protest…

    ...and self-care.

    And at the end of those very serious topics, we did the best kind of self-care there is: laughing at our favorite Muslim memes.

    Mashallah brother Leo! @LeoDiCaprio #oscars #leoforoscar #muslim #halal

    Regency Enterprises

    Like #SaltBae — the sexy Turkish chef who is so extra when he seasons.

    When someone says "Salam" and you respond with "Walaikumassalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh"

    We talked to Aisha and Ikran from the UK office about this meme. Apparently, in Britain, "road" is used the way we use "street" in America.

    We also talked about this carefree Muslim family parodying the already ridiculous water bottle flip meme.

    My whole family need to be banned from snapchat 😂

    And this always perfect meme where people pretend famous people are Muslims who clearly aren't.

    Brother Donald-ud-deen Trump giving the athan for Isha prayers, mashallah

    Particularly when the person in question hate Muslims.

    Brother Ed Miliband performing the Muslim call to prayer live on BBC news #EUref #sharonlaw

    Mashallah, British First's Paul Golding facing Mecca for evening prayer. Londonstan has begun

    Here are some bonus memes we didn't feature in the episode, because dammit, you deserve them.

    Enjoy this utterly adorable little boy's interview.

    #BestOfTwitter2016UK 34 'alhamdoulilah i keep it halal all the time'

    Immigrant moms, am I right?

    I cropped my mom out of ONE of the HUNDREDS pictures we took because I didn't get a picture alone with my brothers,…

    "Ask him which song."

    I still laugh at this 😭😭😭

    There's Muslim twists on all memes, even Darth Kermit.

    Me : its first rakat read a long surah Inner me : kul hu walla hu ahad

    There's a whole genre making fun of over-the-top YouTube vloggers.

    boy: *likes insta picture* Muslim girl:

    But some memes are absolutely unique to Muslim Twitter.

    "Zeinab, I understand you're a feminist but you can't end your dua with 'awomen' instead of 'amen'"

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