People Are Swooning Over A Sexy Chef Who Treats His Food Like A Lover

First meme of 2017.

Meet Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe, aka #SaltBae. He already had a huge Instagram following, but has really caused a lot of commotion over the weekend.

Instagram: @nusr_et

Gökçe is the owner of a chain of six steakhouses called Nusr-Et in Turkey.

A video of him showing off his knife skills quickly circulated on the internet and people are pretty much obsessed with how elegantly he sprinkles salt on the meat.

Instagram: @nusr_et

It was turned into a meme that people are using to show how extra they are.

when your makeup is almost complete but you still gotta add that touch of highlight

— 🐝 ya like jazz? 🐝 (@hanxine)

And it’s seriously hilarious.

Adding a little Caucasian to your cv before sending it off

— THELMZKITCHEN (@thelmzkitchen)

me putting "lol" at the end of a one word text so i don't sound rude or bored

— Treywop. 🕊 (@TRYVNS)

People simply love him because he does the most.

#SaltBae's daily routine:

— deray mckesson (@deray)

But mainly people are in awe of #SaltBae.

Twitter: @cynfinite

You vs the man she tells you not to worry about

— ™ (@elBeardedBandit)

And have compared his meat-cutting to porn.

This is Porn

— ӇΛϞz (@cutclear)

Others are more concerned with his identity and say he resembles the seriously sexy fairy Juandissimo Magnifico from The Fairly OddParents.

#saltbae is just Juandissimo Magnifico with shades. The jig is up.

— lauryn trill (@OmnipotentMeesh)

Marvel directors be like:

Marvel adding those post credit scenes.

— Geeks Of Color (@GeeksOfColor)

#SaltBae’s fan base is so hardcore, there’s now fan art of him.

Today's #dailysketch just had to be #saltbae

— 'Rîn (@NerdyAjet)

BuzzFeed has reached out to Nusret Gökçe for comment.

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