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17 Memes That Will Make You Say "Me During Ramadan"

You're not hungry, you're just bored.

1. When it's 3 AM and you just can't.

2. When you wake up at 4 AM, but suhoor ends at 4:01.

Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @radbrowndads

3. When you can't go back to sleep after suhoor, so you just stare at the wall until the sun comes up.

4. When your whole personality changes for the month.

5. And when you pretend like you've left the old you behind.

6. When you can't make plans for the whole month.

7. When you suddenly turn into the haram police.

8. When you keep telling yourself you'll be productive this Ramadan, but fail over and over again.

Nickelodeon / Via

9. When you accidentally take a sip of water and your co-worker says, "Wait, aren't you fasting?"


10. When you've removed yourself from the drama for the month, but you're still watching it from a distance.

11. When you waste the whole day doing nothing.

12. When you give up on answering weird questions.

13. When it's iftar time, but the food isn't ready.

14. When you become the cleanup crew at iftar.

15. When you've already eaten your fill, but you keep going because you're scared of being hungry later.

Cartoon Network / Via

16. When you try to fix your Ramadan sleeping schedule.

17. And this moment.

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