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    17 Sex Toys And Accessories That Are Serious Bargains Right Now

    Including a set that's worth over £109 but costs way less, and loads of toys for under a tenner!

    1. This 'Satisfyer 2' suction toy is almost half price right now.

    2. This 'Sweet Spot' metallic vibrator is quiet, ergonomically-designed, and most importantly, 48% off.

    3. Save 45% on this bumper back of 30 thin-feel Durex comdoms!

    4. The 'It's Our Pleasure' matte bullet vibrator is almost half-off at the moment.

    5. You can snap up this 'Intense Delight' vibrator from Durex for a fifth off its normal price.

    6. Combine sex and savings (the dream duo TBH) with this 'Take A Seat' sex toy, now down 48% from its usual price.

    7. You can get this 'Knotty But Nice' sensual massage set for less than a tenner.

    8. Get some serious bang for your buck with this trio of 'Sweet Satisfaction' vibrators, now down 48%.

    9. This powerful cordless massager wand will give you a lot of power for NOT a lot of money.

    11. This 'Nailed It' vibrator and G-spot stimulator combo set is now even better value at 48% off.

    12. These plush faux leather bracelets cost less than £8.

    13. The 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' rabbit and vibrator set really lives up to its name. Nab it now for 48% off!

    14. This small, sleek butt plug is impressively inexpensive.

    15. Sex is better with water-based lube, and this bottle 1) has an easy-to-use (and hygienic) pump and 2) is 48% off right now.

    16. This 'Vibrations' ring from Durex is great for partnered sex (oh, and in case you didn't know, it costs less than £7 too.)

    17. This 'Feeling Myself' box is worth over £109 (woah), but you'll only pay 45% of that.

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