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    17 Incredible Vibrators That Will Probably Make You Cancel All Your Plans

    Good vibes only.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. This lil' vibrator is completely waterproof, has multiple speeds and a pulsation mode, and will last you a whopping four hours (yes, please).

    Cult Beauty

    The raised texture at the rounded tip of this toy is designed to add extra ~stimulation~, and its motor is quiet as well! Made from body-safe silicone, this toy is great for external stimulation and reviewers say it's small but powerful.

    Price: £19.95.

    2. This wand vibrator has eight powerful speeds and 20 different vibration patters (yes, really).

    Amazon / Via

    This highly-rated toy has gotten some rave reviews from customers who love how powerful it is, and seeing as the range of functions and settings is so broad, there's bound to be something you'll love! With a quiet motor and a flexible tip, this wand offers some serious power in a lightweight and wireless toy.

    Price: £20.99.

    3. This egg-shaped vibrator fits into your underwear and once it's there, you or your partner can activate it from a distance with the accompanying remote control.

    Amazon / Via

    Responsive from a distance of up to 20m, this toy is made from flexible silicone that fits into your underwear without leaving an obvious outline. It's got ten unique settings that can be controlled by the remote, and customers say it's really, really good at its job.

    Price: £19.99.

    4. This rounded Bean vibrator gives you a variety of surfaces to try out, making this palm-shaped toy great for beginners and more seasoned folks alike.

    Cult Beauty

    Don't be fooled by the simple, discreet appearance of this toy – it packs a powerful punch, with six vibration patterns and a waterproof silicone casing. Operated with the simple touch of a button, this toy offers a variety of angles and surfaces to try out. Choose from pink or mint green!

    Price: £33.50.

    5. This clitoral satisfier toy does exactly what it promises to do.

    Amazon / Via

    With over 8,700 reviews and a 4.2-star average rating (no, really), it's safe to say that this product comes pretty highly recommended! It never actually comes into contact with the clitoris – instead, the wide opening at the top surrounds it, providing pressure waves that have seriously wowed customers. Waterproof and easy to control, this massager features 11 different intensity levels and is super quiet!

    Price: £27.67.

    6. This rabbit vibrator is perfect for both internal and external use.

    Amazon / Via

    You can control the ten different vibration patterns and ten speeds this toy offers with the touch of a button, and its ergonomic design is made with both external and internal stimulation in mind. The exterior section is curved for maximum effectiveness, and it's 100% waterproof too! Quiet, USB-rechargeable, and with a powerful dual motor, it's not surprising that this toy has gotten over 80 reviews with a 4.5-star average.

    Price: £19.99.

    7. This bendy silicone vibrator can be sculpted and moulded to fit the contours of your body ~exactly~.


    Made from flexible silicone, this external toy is waterproof, body-safe, and has ten different speeds and vibration patterns. It's designed to flex around the contours of your body *exactly*, giving you a powerful and bespoke experience!

    Price: £55.00.

    8. This G-spot vibrator is designed for internal use, and it's got seven vibrating functions (yep).

    Amazon / Via

    Curved for maximum ~impact~, this vibrator has seven different vibration patterns and is made with smooth, body-safe silicone. It's powered by a simple button at its base, and this waterproof wonder is really quiet as well!

    Price: £10.05.

    9. A simple bullet vibrator makes a great addition to your collection or a brilliant beginner's toy, and this Rocks Off toy is one of the best.

    Amazon / Via

    Despite its small size and quiet motor, this lil' toy actually offers some serious power. It has a consistent vibration that you can control from the handy button underneath, and its sleek, tapered design is award-winning and completely waterproof.

    Price: £4.70.

    10. This (low-key kind of pretty) internal vibrator is a simple and effective classic.

    Amazon / Via

    Its silky-smooth, skin-like material is easy to clean, and the variety of vibration patterns means you'll get a great range of ~sensations~ from its rounded tip. Customers have been really impressed by its power and ease of use!

    Price: £12.34.

    11. The ribbed shape of this vibrator makes it stand out from other internal toys.

    Amazon / Via

    It's got 12 different powerful vibration patterns, and this toy has an easy-grip loop underneath for a non-slip hold. The variety of textures and shapes on here will add some intensity to the experience, and it's waterproof enough to work in the shower or bath!

    Price: £23.71.

    12. This vibrator is perfect for external use thanks to its lipstick shape and tapered end.


    USB-rechargeable and completely waterproof, this toy has six different strengths and will last you for up to an hour and a half. The sleek design is incredibly easy to use, and it comes with a handy storage pouch too.

    Price: £69.00.

    13. This couple's vibrator is U-shaped for both your pleasure.

    Amazon / Via

    Both partners will find this toy super enjoyable, because the curved shape means it comes into contact with both people during ~intimate~ moments together. The waterproof silicone material is soft and easy to wash, and there are a variety of vibration patterns to try out.

    Price: £24.90.

    14. This Dame Fin vibrator is perfect for use alone or with a partner.

    Cult Beauty

    Slip this vibrator over your fingers for super-precise and powerful external stimulation, either for yourself or for a partner! The three speeds can be adjusted easily by the convenient button on the back, and its USB-rechargeable battery packs a serious punch too.

    Price: £75.00.

    15. This rechargeable massager is soft to the touch and has a narrow, rounded tip for maximum enjoyment.

    Amazon / Via

    Coated in a water-resistant material, this toy has a rounded tip that'll add extra stimulation to the experience of using it. Its near-silent motor belies its strong power and consistent vibration, and you can try out a variety of surfaces with this toy!

    Price: £19.91.

    16. This Frenchman vibrator is designed to more or less simulate the feeling of oral sex thanks to its flexible tip and powerful base.

    Cult Beauty

    The flexible, tongue-shaped upper part of this toy is made from bendable silicone that tapers to a soft tip and responds to the variety of speeds and pulsation modes underneath. A great external toy, this vibrator works brilliantly in conjunction with water-based lubricant and can last for four hours at a time!

    Price: £39.95.

    17. And last but most definitely not least, this Screaming O lipstick-shaped vibrator is about as discreet as it gets.

    Amazon / Via

    With a flexible tapered tip to target ~specific~ areas, this lipstick-shaped vibrator also boasts four functions and 45+ minutes of battery life. Customers have been seriously impressed by its power and effectiveness!

    Price: £15.71.

    All of these toys work best when paired with this water-based lube, which makes them much easier to use and won't harm the silicone.

    Amazon / Via

    This lubricant has earned over 1,430 reviews with a 4.4-star average from customers who are seriously impressed by its paraben-free and long-lasting formula.

    Price: £5.36.