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    17 Incredible Vibrators That Will Probably Make You Cancel All Your Plans

    Good vibes only.

    1. This lil' vibrator is completely waterproof, has multiple speeds and a pulsation mode, and will last you a whopping four hours (yes, please).

    2. This wand vibrator has eight powerful speeds and 20 different vibration patters (yes, really).

    3. This egg-shaped vibrator fits into your underwear and once it's there, you or your partner can activate it from a distance with the accompanying remote control.

    4. This rounded Bean vibrator gives you a variety of surfaces to try out, making this palm-shaped toy great for beginners and more seasoned folks alike.

    5. This clitoral satisfier toy does exactly what it promises to do.

    6. This rabbit vibrator is perfect for both internal and external use.

    7. This bendy silicone vibrator can be sculpted and moulded to fit the contours of your body ~exactly~.

    8. This G-spot vibrator is designed for internal use, and it's got seven vibrating functions (yep).

    9. A simple bullet vibrator makes a great addition to your collection or a brilliant beginner's toy, and this Rocks Off toy is one of the best.

    10. This (low-key kind of pretty) internal vibrator is a simple and effective classic.

    11. The ribbed shape of this vibrator makes it stand out from other internal toys.

    12. This vibrator is perfect for external use thanks to its lipstick shape and tapered end.

    13. This couple's vibrator is U-shaped for both your pleasure.

    14. This Dame Fin vibrator is perfect for use alone or with a partner.

    15. This rechargeable massager is soft to the touch and has a narrow, rounded tip for maximum enjoyment.

    16. This Frenchman vibrator is designed to more or less simulate the feeling of oral sex thanks to its flexible tip and powerful base.

    17. And last but most definitely not least, this Screaming O lipstick-shaped vibrator is about as discreet as it gets.

    All of these toys work best when paired with this water-based lube, which makes them much easier to use and won't harm the silicone.