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Rihanna Dressed Like A Pokémon Gym Leader And The Internet Loves It

She sends Jynx to fight because Good Girl Gone Bad.

Here is Rihanna, photographed last May in a fun little outfit.

On Twitter, @radc4t recently compared this glorious outfit to the costumes of gym leaders in Pokémon.

And you know what? It's actually pretty accurate!

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Then, Tumblr user Green Glasses imagined what Rihanna would look like in Pokémon universe.

The image quickly became viral and was widely shared on Facebook and Twitter.

I'm here for pokemon gym leader Rihanna

And people begged Nintendo to create an actual Rihanna character in the game.

Omg, please @Nintendo make Rihanna a Eevolutions themed Gym Leader someday

Others pointed out Riri's track record dressing like Nintendo characters.

Rihanna continue de s'habiller comme des personnage Nintendo? Elle s'attaque aux Pokemon maintenant vous croyez?

On Reddit, people imagined which Pokémons Rihanna would own based on her song titles. For instance, Ludicolo would represent "Umbrella."

Persian would be "Bitch Better Have My Money."

Sandslash would be "Diamonds."

And Jynx would be "Good Girl Gone Bad."