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    Posted on Feb 4, 2014

    The 12 Types Of Drunk People You Encounter At The Bar

    Which one is you, hmm?

    1. The one who parties 'til dawn and has to be forcibly removed from the bar.

    Drink of choice: Mind Eraser shots + vodka Red Bulls. And in the morning, a gallon of coconut water.

    2. The DRAMA QUEEN.

    Drink of choice: shots, shots, shots.

    3. The one who just sort of fades into the background.

    Via Pattern courtesy

    Drink of choice: a beer, but not the one they asked for. Oh well...

    4. The one who finds the bar's iPod and plays something nobody wants to listen to.

    Drink of choice: A local craft beer. Something dark. You've probably never had it before.

    5. The one who's crossfaded.

    Drink of choice: PBR (they spent all their money on weed).

    6. The one who can't stop crying.

    Drink of choice: white wine in the nighttime.

    7. The one who's been asleep in the corner booth since, like, 9 PM.

    Drink of choice: whatever it was, it was too much, too early.

    8. The one who gets really ~deep~ about stuff.

    Drink of choice: it was whiskey, because that's what Charles Bukowski drank. But after a while they stop drinking because it would interfere with making lots of wild hand gestures.

    9. The Makeout Bandit™.

    Drink of choice: someone else's saliva, ewwwwww.

    10. The one who becomes a parkour daredevil after leaving the bar (also the one most likely to end up in the hospital with a broken tailbone).

    Drink of choice: ADRENALINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    11. The one who's way too friendly.

    Drink of choice: L~O~V~E

    12. The one who always makes an Irish Exit around midnight.

    Drink of choice: bed.

    Illustrations by Adam Ellis

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