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    21 Things You Miss After Moving Away From Portland

    The dream of the 1890s is alive in Portland.

    1. When you leave Portland, it actually gets harder to breathe. Portland is right behind Reykjavik, Iceland as the greenest city in the world.

    2. You miss the stunning Japanese Gardens, which the Japanese Ambassador called the most beautiful and authentic garden out of Japan.

    3. Nothing can match a serene, peaceful walk through the Hoyt Arboretum.

    4. You crave Blue Star Donuts, which the Voodoo-lovin' tourists haven't found out about just yet.

    Facebook: BlueStarDonuts

    Pistachio cheesecake donut with raspberry hibiscus glaze.

    Facebook: BlueStarDonuts

    S'mores donut

    Facebook: BlueStarDonuts

    Bananas foster donut

    5. Your mouth waters for the Samurai Bento food cart, which famed director Hayao Miyazaki once graced.

    6. ...actually, you yearn for all the food carts. So cheap, so tasty. And so abundant.

    7. You dream about Salt & Straw, which is always unveiling new, luscious ice cream flavors.

    Salt & Straw

    Thankfully, they deliver to your state!

    8. You long to get lost is Powell's labyrinth of books.

    9. Your tastebuds tingle at the thought of all those local microbrews.

    10. You would miss Stumptown Coffee, but thankfully they're slowly taking over the country, state by state.

    11. You miss everything being fresh and organic as a given.

    12. You crave those savory Thai dinners at Pok Pok...

    13. ...and nothing can ever top brunch at Tasty N Sons.

    14. Even though you always complained about the rain, you somehow miss it.

    15. ...because nobody does romantically dreary quite like Portland.

    16. You miss the Willamette, which would carry your worries downriver and... out to sea? Where does the Willamette end? Southern Oregon? Shrug.

    17. You wish all gas stations were full service like they are in Oregon. How do gas nozzles work, again?

    18. Biking around town was so easy.

    19. It's a shame you left before Portland opened up the west coast's first cat cafe.

    20. Speaking of rivers, remember how close Washougal was for day trips in the summer? So what if there were snakes all over.

    21. Still, you never get too down, because you know Portland will always be there if you want to go back someday.

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