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15 Shocking Truths Behind What Cat Behaviors Actually Mean

You'll never be able to look at your cat the same way.

1. Quivering butt, ready to pounce:

2. Rolling back and forth on the carpet:

3. Making squinty eyes at you:

4. Raised butt in your face:

5. Sleeping in a perfect circle:

6. "Kneading" with its paws:

7. Sitting in "cat loaf" formation:

8. One leg extended during bath time:

9. Showing its belly to you:

10. Staring off into space, wide-eyed:

11. Sleeping in boxes:

12. The "hug 'n' bite":

13. Chirping out the window at birds:

14. Sitting on your computer when you need to work:

15. Nowhere to be found, no matter how hard you look:

Illustrations by Adam Ellis.