26 Reasons "Snowpiercer" Is The Best Movie You've Never Seen

    Come on, ride the train, it's the choo-choo, ride it...

    After plenty of controversy, Bong Joon-ho's science fiction epic Snowpiercer has finally been released in select theaters and Video On Demand formats.

    ...and chances are, you haven't seen it. It's currently 17 on the American box office charts. Here are 26 reasons you need to stop everything and see this movie immediately. This article has mild spoilers, but nothing serious.

    1. Because the premise of the movie is the most original sci-fi storyline in, oh, ever? Probably ever.

    2. Because Tilda Swinton gives the strangest, most compelling performance of her career.

    3. Because it's one of the most critically acclaimed movies of the year.

    4. Because John Hurt is a total badass and his character holds more secrets than Gretchen Weiners' hair.

    5. Because Chris Evans is Grade A Prime Beefcake, even when he's head-to-toe filthy. Especially when he's filthy.

    6. Because there are clues alluding to the train's insidious truth littered throughout the dark and dismal set pieces, and they won't make sense until your second viewing.

    7. Because seriously, Tilda Swinton is a total revelation.

    8. Because you'll never be as cool as Song Kang-ho.

    9. Because the frozen landscape outside the train is gorgeous and creepy.

    10. Because what Chris Evans sees in the train's protein mixer will haunt you for days/weeks/months/forever.

    11. And even though the protein bars they eat in the movie are gross, they sort of look like black jello and you'll kind of want to try one.

    12. Because this entire scene is completely bizarre.


    14. Because when's the last time you saw a sci-fi movie this diverse? Or any movie, for that matter?

    15. Because the revelation of Chris Evans' scar with blow your damn mind.

    16. Because the eventual reveal of the other train cars is mesmerizing.

    17. ...and each one is more breathtaking than the last.

    18. Because TILDA TLDA TILDA and her weird gold tooth.

    19. Because who wouldn't want to party at a rave on a train???

    20. Because you'll wanna smother this little brat.

    21. Because Allison Pill is a fucking lunatic in this movie.

    22. Like, certifiably insane.

    23. And Go Ah-sung is basically a dirtier River Tam, if River cursed more and was addicted to drugs.

    24. Because the last half hour of the movie is relentless with its twists and reveals.

    25. And the final scene will make you want to tell all your friends what they're missing.

    26. Also, Tilda.

    Snowpiercer is currently playing in 356 locations, so chances are you're near a theater showing the movie. It's also on VOD already, so you honestly have no reason not to watch.