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Make These Lovely Paper Roses Instead Of Buying Flowers For Valentine's Day

They're super easy and they'll never wilt.

1. You barely need any supplies!

2. Fold one of the squares:

Fold it in half, fold it in half again, and then fold it diagonally.

3. Do some more folds!

Undo the last diagonal fold you did, and observe the line down the center of the paper. You need to fold one corner across the center to roughly where the white dotted line is.


Now, turn the paper over and fold the other side so it matches up. Don't worry about making these folds exact. You should notice that you have folds on either side facing different directions.

Take a break if you need to and get a glass of water. You're doing a great job and everyone is proud of you.

5. Cut the paper!

Make a curved cut, as per the dotted line. Then snip off the pointed end of your paper.

6. Unfold the paper and marvel at what it's transformed into!

7. Repeat these steps with your other three pieces of paper.

8. Now, destroy your flower shapes.

9. Cut up the other flowers.

Cut another flower, but this time cut out two petals. With the next one, cut out three. Technically, you're cutting the last one in half.

10. You should have the following shapes in front of you:

11. Curl all the petals of your flower shapes.

12. Get some new paper and cut out a little circle.

13. Glue the flower piece that's still fully intact to the circular base.

Make sure the petals are curled downward!

14. Take your next largest flower piece, and glue it together:

Again, make sure the petals are curled downward. Good job!

15. Do some stuff with glue.

Drizzle some glue around the small opening of the flower, and then nestle it on top of your larger flower piece. You might need to press the base down to make sure it adheres. Don't complain about getting glue on your fingers. Crafting is messy, just like love.

16. Keep doing stuff with glue!

Glue your next largest petal piece together (the one with two petals cut out) and add it to the growing rose.


Do the same thing to your two three-petaled pieces. You might have to re-curl the petals if they want to curl upwards.

18. Add them to the rose!

19. Fold your little two-petaled piece into a cone.

...and add it to the rose. You're getting the hang of this, right?

20. Roll up your final petal!

Curl the last piece of paper and glue it shut. You might need to cut it down a bit if it's too tall for your rose.

21. Complete your rose!