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Here's What Happens When You Ask People To Draw A Map Of The USA From Memory

Well, they tried.

Some people get about halfway done with the United States and give up.

Some folks have a super-lax concept of American geography.

Others apparently believe Alaska is the largest of the Hawaiian Islands, and Maine is a bigger dick than Florida.

Some people are just like, "Fuck it."

Some people didn't understand the assignment...

And asking a 4-year-old to draw a map garnered charming results.

And this one was done by a mom with a Ph.D., who should probably give her Ph.D. back.

This Canadian girl thought she could casually move Michigan, the Great Lakes, and part of Wisconsin onto her home turf and no one would notice.

"All of this is NEBRASKA." That's true, actually.

"Am I missing any other state?" Naw, girl, you got this.

Who could forget America's most famous state, "Four Corners"?

OK, not quite.

Thankfully, not all of us are dummies...

...but some of us shouldn't have been allowed to graduate from middle school.

Think you can do better? Draw us a map of the USA and post a picture!