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Can You Make It Through This Post Without Smiling?

It'll be a big ask, but give it your best shot.

The rules are simple: Make it through this post without smiling.

There's a bunch of different stuff about to come at you, from the adorably cute to the hilariously inappropriate to the uplifting and beautiful. And if any of it makes you smile, you lose.

Good luck.

1. Here is a lemur simply chillin' on a baby's head.

2. This dog who is all of us on game night.

3. This kid's most important interest.

4. This dog who couldn't find a real chair.

5. This pup going for a swim.

6. This James Bond wannabe.

7. Harold and his masseuse.

8. This truth about how awful it is to be alone at any event.

9. The person whose level you'll never be able to reach.

10. Dr. Phil setting the record straight.

11. This confused mama bird.

12. Marnie the Dog meeting a new friend.

13. This important canine question.

14. This sign that literally no human should ever follow.

15. This cow experiencing pure joy.

16. This wrong number text.

17. A super proud new mother.

18. This Vanessa Carlton remix.

19. This anthropology.

20. This perfect understanding of Roman history.

21. This incredibly adept sailor.

22. This Nickelodeon star.

23. This fitting juxtaposition.

24. This explanation of every interaction you have with a stranger.

25. This unfortunate series of photos.

26. These terrific policemen.

27. One of the most romantic missed connections ever.

28. Siri doing math.

29. The definition of #squadgoals.

30. Raven's birthday wish.

31. This volcano pun.

32. This awkward hookup app exchange.

33. This pooch's lovely new shade.

34. This open relationship.

35. This truth bomb.

36. This delicious meal.

37. What we've all been thinking about that movie.

38. The cheesiest joke ever.

39. This important explanation of how geography works.

40. This tuckered out passenger.

41. This pup in boots.

42. A potentially awkward first kiss.

43. And this genuinely uplifting take on why you should never feel down on yourself.

  1. So, did you make it through without smiling?

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So, did you make it through without smiling?
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    Yep! Nothing makes me smile because I'm partly dead inside!
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    Obviously not. There is no way to get through this without smiling.

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