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Tom Hiddleston's Appearance As Loki Drives Comic-Con Completely Insane

Perhaps Marvel Studios should consider changing Thor 2's title to Loki: The Dark World?

To introduce footage from Thor: The Dark World, Tom Hiddleston took to the Comic-Con stage in character as Loki. The crowd. went. INSANE.

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"Humanity, look how far you've fallen," Loki first said, in the dark. "Lining up in the sweltering heat for hours. Huddling together in the dark like BEASTS!" A flash of light, and, boom, there was Loki. Cue complete, unhinged freakout.

He stalked the stage, taunting the increasingly rabid crowd.

Yes, people started kneeling.

Hiddleston appeared to speak his lines from memory, which made the entire speech that much more delightful.

Yes, you're right, Loki, where are they? Not here. In character. Being awesome.

So when Loki asked Comic-Con to claim loyalty to him, everyone was ready to do just that.

Loki had the 6,000-plus people of Hall H in the palm of his hand, and he had everyone screaming his name.


And with that, Loki left the stage, and the crowd took in an extended, Loki-heavy preview of Thor: The Dark World.

After a jaunty opening battle scene involving Thor (Chris Hemsworth) bantering with the Lady Sif (Jaimie Alexander), we learn that the film's plot revolves around a dark threat that could cause the very fabric of reality to tear apart. But the enemy is largely invisible to the people of Asgard, so Thor is forced to enlist the only one from their realm who seems to know them: Loki.

And the moment Loki's voice could first be heard, the crowd went insane all over again. One of the most well-received moments came when Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) — who's been brought to Asgard by Thor — clocks Loki in the jaw and says, "That was for New York." Loki just smiles: "I like her."

Thanks to the unique alchemy of Hiddleston's theatrical yet vulnerable performance and Loki's own innate playfulness, the character has totally overwhelmed this franchise. Based on his reception at Comic-Con and the subsequent freak-out on Twitter and Tumblr — and his ultimate fate in the film — Marvel would do well to consider giving Loki his own movie.

Watch his whole appearance here:

View this video on YouTube

The video above cuts out the very beginning, where Loki "cuts off" the microphones and lights in Hall H and sneaks onstage in the dark.

View this video on YouTube

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