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    I Went To Wimbledon For The First Time And Here's What I Found Out

    Pimm's at 10am – why not?

    1. Wimbledon is actually at Wimbledon.

    2. Most people wear blue or white.

    3. And people really dress up.

    4. Wimbledon has its own museum.

    5. The queues are long, but it's almost enjoyable.

    6. The Evian suite is super adorable.

    7. Drinking starts early.

    8. Strawberries and cream is a proper thing and you need to have it at Wimbledon.

    9. Tennis is a very quiet sport.

    10. You will see celebrities everywhere.

    11. Ball boys are everything.

    12. You will get emotional.

    13. It is one million percent worth going to, and an unforgettable experience.