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5 Fun Facts About Mitt Romney's Hair

The "New York Times" recently interviewed the hair stylist of the former Massachusetts governor, which prompted media outlets to break out more tidbits about the man's grease helmet. Here's what you don't really need to know.

1. Locals refer to the style as "The Mitt"


Other patrons of the Boston suburb salon Leon & Co. ask for the cut by name.

2. Romney's stylist wishes he would wear it "more natural"


"I will tell him to mess it up a little bit," Leon de Magistris says, but "he wants a look that is very controlled. He is a very controlled man ... It is not something stylish. It is clean and conservative."

3. Mitt doesn't use gel, mousse, or any hair coloring


“I don’t put any product in there,” de Magistris swears.

4. Romney pays $70 at Leon & Co.


That's really not all that bad considering guys like former Senator John Edwards pay $400 for a wig-split.

5. Romney modeled his 'do after his father's assistant's


Edwin Jones served as Michigan Governor George Romney's top aide and headed up the operations of the Mormon Church in Detroit. "I remember that he had very dark hair, that it was quite shiny," Mitt recalls in a 2007 interview. "You could see it in distinct comb lines from front to back."

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