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28 Things You'll Only Find Funny If You Grew Up With Religious Parents

Modest is hottest.

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1. You weren't allowed to take part in trends and games because literally everything was tainted with sin.

My super religious parents wouldn't let me play pokemon growing up because "they evolve."


4. You secretly watched “explicit” music videos hoping your parents wouldn’t catch you.

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Any video with a glimpse of a woman's stomach was practically porn.

6. And you always got told off for asking too many questions.

#Growingupblack and asking one of your parents where y'all going & they say "to hell if we don't pray" 😂


8. And were relentlessly told you'd be punished if you got any piercings or tattoos.

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Even if this was the tattoo you wanted.


15. Which led to your parents being super helpful and gifting you with more "appropriate" clothes.

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Who doesn't want to wear matching ankle length dresses with their mum?


22. But harassed you about your boyfriend or girlfriend.

#GrowingUpGay Church members: You just haven't met the right girl yet. Me:


25. Pretty soon you were probably sneaking home at ridiculous hours, and pretending you weren't hungover in the morning.

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"Yes, it seems that I've caught an inexplicable 24 hour bug" was at lot easier to say than admitting that you were hungover.

28. Even though you're an adult now, your upbringing will always be a part of you.

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Although it wouldn't have hurt to have been allowed an imaginary friend without being told it was a demon.


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