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21 Things Kevin G From "Mean Girls" Is Better At Than You

NEVER underestimate a Mathlete.

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Rajiv Surenda played arguably the best character from Mean Girls, Kevin G. He is also literally the best at everything.

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2. He is absolutely amazing at chalk drawings.

Instagram: @rajivsurendra

3. Like genuinely incredible!

A behind the scenes look at my chalk work for this year's Kips Bay Showhouse

4. He has even written a memoir The Elephants In My Backyard.

Instagram: @rajivsurendra

He designed the cover himself, obviously.

5. But his talents don't end there, he also loves to knit.

Late night knitting #NYC #christmaspresent #thinkingahead #onlyhomespun #naturaldyes

6. He's like an OK painter.

7. He did this to celebrate Mean Girls day.

Happy #MeanGirlsAppreciationDay #MeanGirlsDay. Did some art in Union Square

8. He's an amazing chef.

Tamil breakfast this morning. #homecook #vegan #tamil #iddiappam (actually it's more like brunch now)…

10. And clearly knows how to do more than just stitch a button back on.

He made these Halloween costumes!

11. He has a spinning wheel, and knows how to use it.

Instagram: @rajivsurendra

12. And he also has some pretty cool hobbies too, like canoeing.

Just some canoein'.... #RhodeIsland #Duckweed #pondscum #soquiche #scumimmigrant

13. And carving things with his own two hands.

Bread is best cut on a cutting board you made from a tree...and hand-carved yourself.

14. He's dabbled in gardening.

16. He really enjoys making things, like candles.

Making LOTS and LOTS of beeswax candles. Mind your own ;-)

18. He even makes cute birthday presents for his friends.

Self-published: just made this little book for a birthday present. #handmade

20. Like really hot.

Instagram: @rajivsurendra

Ohhhh Kevin G.

21. And he still knows all the words to his Kevin G rap.

Please enjoy this gift.

H/T to this tweet for reminding us that we really ain't got nothing on Kevin G.

My life goals: be like the actor who played Kevin G in mean girls because he's literally good at everything

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