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    21 Painful Truths Only People With Shitty Eyebrows Will Understand

    "Some are born with great eyebrows, some achieve great eyebrows, and some have great eyebrows drawn upon them."

    1. Thanks to eyebrow queens like Cara Delevingne, thick and beautiful eyebrows are very "in" right now.

    2. Unfortunately if you have shitty, nonexistent eyebrows, you can't relate.

    3. You pretend you don't understand people's obsessions with eyebrows.

    Why r we all so obsessed w those lil pieces of hair above our eyes

    4. But in reality you absolutely understand why eyebrows are so important.

    Because eyebrows are obviously an essential part of your face.

    5. You haven't bothered to try all the funky eyebrow trends because there really is not a lot to work with.

    6. You have probably looked at transformations like this and been completely dumbfounded.

    7. Because you know you have more of a chance of winning the lottery than ever achieving such levels of greatness.

    8. You have never been lucky enough to use eyebrows as an excuse for tardiness.

    9. Because eyebrows are not part of your makeup routine.

    10. You've probably never used your eyebrows as a tool of seduction.

    11. And you've never had to torture yourself with threading or plucking.

    12. An eyebrow transformation is secretly what your dreams are made of.

    13. Instructions for the perfect brow mean nothing to you.

    14. Because your eyebrows end abruptly at the arch.

    15. So attempting to fill them in can go horrendously wrong.

    16. This will never be you and bae because your eyebrows don't exist.

    17. You feel personally victimised by merchandise like this.

    There goes your career in guidance counseling.

    18. You probably roll your eyes so hard at motivational eyebrow quotes.

    19. Whether you overplucked them in the '00s...

    20. ...or you were absent on the day God handed out the ability to grow eyebrow hair...

    21. Take comfort in the fact that this dog definitely has a more dramatic brow line than you.