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    15 Instances Where Queer Stars Fought For Representation In Reel And Real Life

    Representation matters.

    LGBTQ representation, especially in media, is an important topic that has to be talked about and more importantly, brought in place. Seeing queer people onscreen affirms real-life queer individuals and their identities. Here are 15 times our favorite LGBTQ stars raised their voices to increase LGBTQ representation in Hollywood.

    Young multi ethnic lesbian couple with rainbow flag running on city quay

    1. When Jonathan Bailey, the gay Bridgerton actor, opened up about his desire to see queer actors play queer characters.

    Bailey looking at the camera

    2. When Billy Porter said that Queer Black lives matter too.

    Billy Porter in a black and white glittery outfit, looking into the camera

    3. Ruby Rose shutting up people who said she was not "queer enough."

    Ruby Rose sitting in a domestic setting, looking into the camera and smiling

    4. When Elliot Page told Oprah that he wants to see more storylines where trans people get to be people.

    Elliot Page 2021 MET Gala

    5. When Tommy Dorfman called out beauty brands gendering makeup.

    Tommy in a black low cut dress and looking into the camera

    6. When Greg Berlanti fought for the "gay kiss" in Dawson's Creek.

    Greg Berlanti looking into the camera and smiling

    7. When Laverne Cox said we need systematic change and not just representation.

    Laverne Cox looking into the camera and smiling

    8. When Dan Levy decided to create Schitt's Creek.

    Dan Levy looking into the camera

    9. When Jim Parsons talked about how LGBTQ+ representation is important for awareness.

    Jim Parsons looking into the camera

    10. Lil Nas X made his Call Me by Your Name music video, and TBH, his entire career.

    Lil Nas X performing on stage

    11. When Tessa Thompson said representation in Marvel's Next Phase is a "pretty big deal."

    Tessa Thompson looking into the camera

    12. When Andy Cohen called out The Real Housewives treatment of gay men.

    A shot from Cohen's talkshow

    13. When Stephanie Beatriz called out casting directors to cast bisexual actors in bisexual roles.

    Beatriz looking away from camera and smiling

    14. When Lilly Singh came out as Bisexual.

    Singh looking at the camera and smiling

    15. JoJo Siwa coming out and becoming a part of the first same-sex couple on Dancing With the Stars with Jenna Johnson.

    "Dancing with the Stars" stars Jenna Johnson and JoJo Siwa holding hands and smiling