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If You And Your Best Friend Both Pass This Quiz, Your Friendship Is Meant To Be

No friendships were harmed in the making of this quiz.

Here's how this works: Take this quiz, and then ask your best friend to take it. Then, share your results with each other to discover your fate!

  1. Do you keep secrets from them?

  2. Do you share food, clothes, and pretty much everything with them?

  3. Are you close with their family?

  4. Do you ever get sick of them?

  5. How often do you get into fights?

  6. When someone does something bad to your best friend, will you stick up for them?

  7. Do you ever finish their thoughts?

  8. How long can you go without calling or texting them?

  9. Do you ever filter yourself when you're around them?

  10. If they did something that bothered you, would you confront them?

  11. Would you do anything for them?

  12. Do you love them with all your heart?

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