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    30 Winter Boots That'll Actually Keep Your Feet Warm

    There's honestly NOTHING worse than cold toes in the winter.

    1. Slim winter boots made with a waterproof nylon upper and seam0sealed construction, preventing moisture from seeping into your shoes.

    reviewer image of the tall boots with tie-up front, rubber soles, and footbed and faux fur on the top

    2. A pair of slip-on snow boots that are very lightweight, but have enough grip so you won't slip if there's ice on the ground.

    3. A lace-up hiker-inspired style with a faux fur ankle cuff for an extra dose of warmth, keeping both your feet and ankles warm, even if there's a harsh wind.

    The lace-up boot with white tennis-shoe like sole in tan with faux fur around the ankle

    4. A pair of mid-calf winter boots made with "Thermolite" insulation, which means you can wear them in up to -25 degree weather. (This may seem like a wild temperature, but let me tell as a person growing up in Wisconsin, yes, it does get this cold.)

    reviewer wearing the boots in black

    5. A pair of leather booties that'll have you actually wishing for chilly temps and snow just so you can wear them more.

    five of the short bootie with laces and rubber soles in black, brown, green, black, and silver

    6. A pair of Timberland heeled boots to give your winter style a little ~lift~ while also ensuring that you won't slip if you run into a patch of black ice.

    the heeled lace-up boot in dark brown

    7. A pair of waterproof boots with "Omni-Tech" breathable seams to keep your toes comfy, but not overheated.

    8. A pair of low-cut Timbs with seam-sealed soles and made of waterproof leather so you can comfortably wear them in all weather and inside all day.

    The low-cut lace-up shoes with thick rubber bottoms in tan

    9. A knee-high boot that might have you thinking, "Hmmm, this doesn't look like a winter boot", but that's actually the point. It's a secret snow boot with faux-fur lining and traction.

    the knee-high boots in brown with two buckles around the ankles and black soles

    10. Sorel sneaker boots combining the warmth and protection of a boot with the sleek design of a sneaker for a chic shoe you can wear without feeling like you're a giant clomping down the street as you walk.

    The sneaker-style shoe with white sole, olive green sides, light grey front, and blue laces

    11. A hiker bootie to help you conquer the mountain that is everyday life when you would rather go back to bed and hide under the covers until it's summer.

    model wearing the ankle-length booties with black sole, grey shoe, and blue and black striped laces

    12. A pair of Doc Marten combat boots so reliable you'll be wearing them for years.

    reviewer pic of the lace-up Docs in black with yellow stitching around the sole

    13. A pair of foldable flap boots with a knitted sock lining to add some extra warmth around your ankles.

    Black lace-up boots with a foldable flap that shows a shearling inside and knit second layer

    14. A pair of Uggs so toasty that you won't care if people think they're "basic" because that just means that lots of people like them, and that's a good thing.

    15. A pair of faux suede ankle booties so cute and so cheap you might as well buy two different colors!

    the faux suede lace-up boots with faux shearling inside in red, brown, black, grey, and blue

    16. A mid-calf waterproof boot just in case there's a huge snowstorm and you have to scrape the ice off your car.

    reviewer wearing the mid-thigh length lace-up boots in brown with a zipper along the inner side

    17. A pair of "Omni-Heat" boots that reflect your own body heat so your feet are always the perfect temperature.

    the boots in white

    18. A pair of duck boots you can wear in the snow but also as things start to melt and you have to slosh through puddles.

    the duck boots in brown and olive green with yellow laces

    19. These floral winter boots to remind you that even on the worst of winter days, the sun will come out tomorrow and eventually bring some good weather along with it.

    20. A mid-calf waterproof boot you can wear despite the elements and then all day at work because nobody has time or energy to bring shoes to change into.

    the black boot with buckle around the ankle

    21. A pair of boots with the fur that will have the whole club looking at you!

    faux suede brown boot with zippers on the side and white shearling inner

    22. A short insulated pair you'll wear the heck out of when the temperature gets merlot than you can handle.

    chunky boot with black bottom and red top

    23. A pair of Chelsea slip-ons that have a sheepskin-lined insole so you get the warmth of a winter boot with the look of a regular one.

    The chunky boot with elastic on the top sides in black

    24. An insulated Moon Boot ready to keep your feet warm in up to -20 degrees and give you a super-retro look.

    the boot in red with string and white "Moon boot" written in a circle about mid calf

    25. A pair of wedge booties because winter boots don't have to be big and clunky to be practical. These babies are cute and functional!

    the wedge bootie with elastic on the sides in light brown

    26. Some waterproof boots you can wear during all your cold-weather activities — from sledding to checking out holiday lights to building a snowman.

    reviewer pic of the boots in black and brown

    27. A pair of tan winter booties with slip-resistant soles and faux shearling to handle every little thing winter throws your way.

    the lace-up bootie in brown

    28. A chunky mid-heel boot that will give your winter boot style a fashionable ~lift~.

    29. A pair of knee-high boots to protect you even more when it snows 3 feet and you have to shovel your way out of your house. (I've been there, it's not great.)

    the knee-high boots in brown

    30. A pair of these wool-lined boots, because your feet truly deserve to shine always, but especially in the winter.

    the sneaker boots in brown metallic

    And now with these boots, just like Elsa, the cold will never bother you again!

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