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    24 Useful Things To Make Packing For Your Next Trip A Little Easier

    Instead of just throwing everything in your suitcase and hoping for the best. ‾\_(ツ)_/‾

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    1. A helpful checklist so you can plan out everything you need to pack and not worry about that feeling of "What am I forgetting?"

    2. An electronics organizer with spots for all your cords, chargers, devices, and anxiety*.

    3. A set of packing cubes, because you are so much better than just throwing your clothes randomly into the suitcase and hoping for the best. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    4. A travel passport wallet with rfid-blocking so you not only have a place to store your important things, but also to protect them.

    5. A set of shoe organizer bags to keep both shoes together and also make sure all the gross stuff on the bottom of those shoes doesn't get on your nice clothes.

    6. Some packable shelves so when you get to the hotel you can simply hang the shelves up in the closet and be good👏to👏 go👏.

    7. A strap you can attach to your luggage to hold your carry-on or other items that are too big or awkward to pack (i.e. coat, scarf, neck pillow).

    8. A dirty laundry bag to put those smelly and gross clothes in to protect them from touching your still good, perfectly clean ones.

    9. Or some laundry soap sheets so you can do your laundry and wear your clothes again, thus having to pack fewer clothes.

    10. A tie and cufflink traveler, because you can't hide a wrinkled tie no matter how hard you try.

    11. A TSA-approved toiletry bag so you can easily stash your liquids and be ready when you go through security and not hold up the line, because everyone hates that.

    12. A carry-on garment bag for nice clothes you don't want to get wrinkled. Plus, it has three interior zipper pockets and one mesh pocket to hold all your other essentials.

    13. A packable nylon backpack you can use on your vacation if you have any day trips and need to stash a water bottle, change of clothes, etc. inside. And it's also great if you go a little overboard while getting souvenirs and need a way to get them home.

    14. A digital luggage scale to prevent you from paying an overweight baggage fee ever again because sometimes it's hard not to overpack, OKAY?!

    15. A travel cup that fits both your toothbrush and toothpaste because, be honest, how many times have you only remembered to pack one or the other, but not both?

    16. A set of silicone travel bottle labels to help you remember exactly what is in each bottle. You don't want to end up mixing your lotion and shampoo together when you refill them after six months when you don't remember what's in which bottle anymore.

    17. Or a shampoo bar so you can avoid using whatever they have at the hotel — without adding more liquids to your TSA-approved bag.

    18. A reusable water bottle with an attached pill organizer so you stay hydrated (and medicated, if applicable) the whole trip.

    19. A jewelry organizer to keep your necklaces from becoming a tangled mess, because that somehow always happens, no matter how far you travel.

    20. A curling and flat iron cover with a heat-resistant liner so you can make your hair look perfect and yet not worry about waiting for it to cool down before packing it away.

    21. A compact lightweight travel blanket that won't take up your whole carry-on bag but *WILL* keep you warm when it's -7 degrees on your flight.

    22. A felt bag organizer to turn your purse or carry-on into a neatly organized place where you can find everything you're looking for instead of the black hole of disaster it usually is.

    23. A set of space-saver bags that work miracles when it comes to squeezing your clothes to basically nothing so you can pack even more! Yay!

    24. And a book with different scenarios to help you get the job done, no matter what kind of packing job it is.

    TBH sometimes just packing yourself would be easier than packing for a trip.

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