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    39 Things To Take Your Spring Style To The Next Level

    The sun is shining! It's finally warm! It's time to show off your great style!

    1. A printed ruffle wrap dress that'll put a ~wrap~ on any sad feelings you had about putting your sweaters away because it means you get to wear this.

    2. A simple bomber jacket you'll reach for in the morning when you want to put a nice finishing touch on your simple jeans and tee outfit.

    3. A tie-dye dress you'll be ~dying~ to wear. Sorry, I had to.

    4. An oversized cut-off sweatshirt for those days when it doesn't quiet feel like spring yet, but isn't as cold as winter. What do we call that transition time? Winting? Spriter?

    5. A waterproof rain jacket you'll for sure need at least once a week during this season. Now let's just hope you remember to check the weather before you leave so you can be prepared.

    6. A white and black crochet blouse that truly makes a statement – a statement that you're ready to put your best fashion foot forward.

    7. A classic trenchcoat you actually can't go wrong with. It will match with everything in your closet and make you feel extra chic when you put it on. Trust me.

    8. A pair of bag waist pants you can totally wear to work even if you work in a professional setting...or just on any day when you're out and about running errands.

    9. A polka dot swing dress you dot want to miss out on because it's loose and comfortable without making you feel like you're wearing a big sack.

    10. A stripe jewel embellished blazer for the true boss that you are. You run this world and this blazer helps show the world that.

    11. A pair of platform espadrilles that'll soon be your go-to pick for your weekly brunch dates with your girlfriends. Carrie Bradshaw would be so proud.

    12. A gingham shirtdress you better keep a close eye on because you might find your girlfriends trying to take it from your closet the next time they come over.

    13. A pair of heeled sandals specifically designed for comfort so you'll be able to wear these to work and then out to happy hour with your friends. Yes, those friends you've been cancelling plans with for months because it's been too cold!

    14. A faux shearling teddy bear coat you'll be beary excited to wear every chance you get.

    15. A tie-front dress you could tell your friend where you got it when she asks, or you could simply say, "Sorry, my hands are ~tied~".

    16. A sleeveless ruffle dress to wear to that wedding you didn't realize was coming up so soon.

    17. A color-block windbreaker with a bit of a retro vibe – this trend is coming back in full force.

    18. A floral peplum top to pair with jeans on a night out with your friends. You'll look good and feel great in this.

    19. A chic mini convertible bag you can wear as both a crossbody and a backpack. We like options and this bag has them, okay?

    20. A camouflage print sweatshirt with style and comfort you won't even see coming.

    21. An off-the-shoulder jumpsuit that'll essentially feel like you're wearing pajamas in public – it'll be like you're cheating the system, but that's totally fine! Just go with it!

    22. A straw tote that'll be your go-to weekend bag from now until the end of summer. You'll be sad to put this away once the cold weather comes back.

    23. A lightweight cardigan to have on hand at night because it is still spring and it can still be cold at night – UGH

    24. A beautiful watercolor maxi skirt you'll find yourself using as an excuse to twirl in circles like you did when you were five years old.

    25. A moto jacket with an asymmetrical zip you won't be able to stop talking about. Everyone around you will probably want you to ~zip it~.

    26. An off-the-shoulder maxi dress so cute you'll want to take a picture of yourself as soon as you put it on. This baby deserves a shining moment in your Insta feed.

    27. An a-line high waisted skirt you'll gravitate toward instead of that same pair of jeans you've been wearing for days in a row. It's time to let you legs *finally* see some sunshine.

    28. A striped halter jumpsuit you'll be feeling yourself in all night long. Seriously, this jumpsuit could move mountains it's so epic.

    29. A floral print top that'll make any outfit truly show-stopping. Yeah, people will probably track you down on the street just to ask you where you got this.

    30. An oversized denim jacket you'll be overjoyed to add to your wardrobe, especially since it will look good with everything you already own.

    31. A pair of vegan slides made with with recycled cork because your shoe choices can be environmentally friendly, too.

    32. A simple (and super-affordable) anorak jacket you're going to love so much you might as well order it in multiple colors right now.

    33. A printed hoodie that'll make your next run to the grocery store feel like you're walking down a runway. Work it!

    34. A vintage-inspired pair of jeans because denim is for all seasons, but it's finally time to wear light denim again.

    35. A simple thermal shirt with a front tie because we like basics with a twist.

    36. A maxi dress with pockets (!!) because there really isn't a better feature for dress than pockets. Where else am I supposed to store my phone, my lip balm, and the random receipts I should probably just throw away?!?

    37. A cotton shirtdress worth the investment because you'll be wearing it for years.

    38. A peplum top to add a boho flair to your wardrobe without going full Coachella. One piece at at time.

    39. A pair of floral sneakers that'll get you SOOOO many compliments. I mean, this babies are worth not seeing the sun for the past couple months.

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