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    27 Stylish Basics You’ll Wear For Years

    As Taylor Swift Would say, "These will never go out of style".

    1. A linen shirt that'll look just as good at the office as it does on your next summer vacation.

    2. An open cardigan you can throw on at night when it gets a little too chilly for whatever outfit you've decided to wear.

    3. A chambray shirt you can throw on with a skirt, black jeans, or even just blue jeans (hello, Canadian Tuxedo!) to have a sophisticated outfit with minimal effort.

    4. A pair of Chelsea boots designed so you can walk 500 miles (and 500 more) in them.

    5. A basic t-shirt dress to slip on in the morning when you don't feel like trying and just want to be comfortable...but still cute.

    6. A pair of mid-rise skinny jeans that'll be your go-tos for basically forever. You simply can't go wrong with a great pair of blue jeans.

    7. A fitted white t-shirt you won't have to worry about stretching out after a few wears. This baby will be with you for the long haul.

    8. A pair of Ray-Ban Aviators that have stood the test of time for a reason: they really are as great as people say they are.

    9. A classic trenchcoat you actually can't go wrong with. It will match with everything in your closet and make you feel extra chic when you put it on. Trust me.

    10. High-rise black jeans so versatile and comfortable you may end up saying, "Leggings? I don't know them."

    11. Adidas sneakers – you might as well buy two pairs now so you have a backup when the first pair inevitably becomes too run-down and dirty from how much you'll trek around in them

    12. A pair of black leggings that'll take you from your workout to meeting your friends for brunch. Honestly, we're so lucky that the athleisure trend is still going strong.

    13. A denim jacket you'll find any excuse to wear because it'll go with basically everything you own.

    14. A jumpsuit to have on hand for nice occasions where you need to look nice, but still want to be comfortable all night.

    15. A leather jacket that I swear will instantly make you feel about 100 times cooler and more put together the second you put it on.

    16. A stripped shirt you don't even have to be on a boat to wear.

    17. A long line blazer designed to make any outfit feel super professional—yes, even just jeans and a t-shirt.

    18. A shirtdress in a classic style you can throw on when you're in a ~cinch~ and need to get out the door ASAP.

    19. A classic LBD—yes, you probably have at least one or two of these in your closet, but it is a fact that you cannot have too many of theem. Take it from me...

    20. Some golden hoop earrings – even Gretchen Wieners would approve if you wear these basically every single day.

    21. A crossbody tote you can toss the essentials in (phone, wallet, keys) and head out for whatever adventure the day brings.

    22. A one-piece swimsuit that'll make you feel like a million bucks, especially when you realize you have a pool party coming up soon.

    23. A dress with the classic style Diane von Furstenberg perfected for a reason: a wrap dress makes you feel more confident and ready to take over the world. 💪

    24. A pair of Birkenstocks that prove that being comfortable and cute *is* possible.

    25. A bomber jacket to add the finishing touch to any outfit. Seriously. You'll find yourself reaching for this basically every single day during spring and fall (and maybe even summer or winter, depending on the weather).

    26. A bodycon dress made with wrinkle-resistant fabric, so you can throw this in a suitcase and show up at your destination ready to go. Plus, whether you're traveling for work or fun, this dress can do both.

    27. A pair of vegan leather leggings you can slip on for a night out with your girls when you don't want to wear a dress. You'll rock these babies all night long.

    The queen of basics applauding your choice to invest in great pieces:

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