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    25 Things That Will Add A Personal Touch To Your Home

    "Ohhh, this place is really you." —all your friends when they see what you did to your place with these products!

    1. A corgi succulent vase that will make your succulents look extra ~corgeous~.

    2. A decorative cork bulletin board to help you remember the mountains you moved and the memories you've made along the way.

    3. A stoneware whisk you'll ~whip~ out at a moment's notice to show off the super-sweet pupper on top.

    4. A precious ring holder you can use to store your valuables from your special ~love bunny~.

    5. A set of salad servers that'll have your salad-making skills ~blossoming~.

    6. A cat night light to help comfort your little one when they can't sleep — and to just look super adorbs the rest of the time.

    7. A unicorn wine holder that will help get the point across to your friends: Drinking wine is magical.

    8. A set of salt-and-pepper shakers so even if your cooking sucs, you can add some flavor in the cutest way.

    9. A set of six geometric wall decor pieces that will add some dimension to your life.

    10. A light box you can customize with your own message and change whenever the mood strikes.

    11. A sponge holder to help you put all those dirty dishes to bed.

    12. A hand-lettered circle mirror with an important message — your confidence will might soar so fast you find yourself complimenting the mirror back.

    13. A hot trivet to protect your bear table from hot pots and pans.

    14. A pineapple silicone holder that'll keep your toothbrush and toothpaste protected from whatever else happens in the bathroom.

    15. A city trinket dish to display rings, earrings, or small odds and ends while you're reminded of your favorite city or travel destination.

    16. A set of wall art lashes you'll go to great ~lengths~ (aka Instagram posts) to show off to all your friends.

    17. A floral lace tulle curtain for your doors or windows, because you need pretty things in your life and this is just BEYOND.

    18. A wall hook you can hang keys, jewelry, or other small accessories and also display your beliefs almost as loud as Lin-Manuel Miranda did at the Tonys.

    19. A sparrow birdhouse key ring holder so you'll always know where your keys are — and so you don't mix them up with your lovebird's.

    20. A set of five mini vases because artfully displaying flowers with five small vases is much better than using one big one.

    21. A cheeky doormat that may be a bit extra but that's just who you are and your guests need to accept that.

    22. A throw blanket you can use to feel extra cozy when you're feeling a little sluggish and don't want to leave the house.

    23. A canvas toy chest to help you organize all the toys your home and make you smile while doing so.

    24. A cotton-swab holder you'll get lot(u)s of use out of.

    25. A skyline coat hook that you may not even want to hang anything on because it's just so chic on its own.

    The only acceptable reaction when your friends see all the cute items in your home:

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