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    40 Things Under $10 That Will Instantly Make Your Life Way Cuter

    Your life deserves a little injection of cuteness. ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A banana tote everyone will find very a-peel-ing.

    2. An out-of-this-world sticker to give to your significant otter.

    3. A Hey Arnold charm pin you'll have to keep away from Helga unless you want to get socked in the face.

    4. A pack of tropical animal pencils so you can ~pencil in~ your next vacation.

    5. A sheer rose curtain to bring some life to your view of the concrete sidewalk outside.

    6. A dog-shaped toilet paper holder because if your dog is going to follow you into the bathroom, they might as well make themselves useful.

    7. A sheet of flower-shaped slice masks for turning your face into a hydrated garden.

    8. A cat-eared headband so cute, you'll never ~fur~get to wash your face.

    9. A trio of lil' Pokemon pals who are more interested in having snacks and looking cute than battling.

    10. A Nessie bookmark that swims in between the pages of your book when you're not reading it. Isn't this so much better than that crumbled up CVS receipt?

    11. A pack of mermaid makeup brushes so you can look as dewy and hydrated as a person who literally lives underwater.

    12. A pack of unicorn stickers to instantly make your stuff more magical.

    13. A collection of garden cats so you can feel like you're playing Neko Atsume even when you're technically taking a phone break.

    14. An fun-shaped lip balm only slightly more expensive than a regular avocado.

    15. A pair of llama salt and pepper shakers to throw in your picnic basket after telling everyone "alpaca lunch!"

    16. A pair of heart sunglasses so you can channel your favorite emoji IRL.

    17. Tiny banana erasers you'll almost feel bad using, but you made a mistake in this week's crossword, so your hands are kinda tied here.

    18. A miniature, double lens camera keychain that actually lights up and makes a shutter sound.

    19. A sleepy husky planter who has been napping for so long, they have a succulent growing out of their back.

    20. Animal pattern socks you'll want to show off, even if it means violating the "no shoes no service" policy.

    21. A Golden Snitch bracelet that's a real catch.

    22. A matching keychain and necklace so you and your dog can show off your amazing friendship.

    23. Judy Hopps pens to use while doing your police paperwork.

    24. A UFO embroidered patch you DEFINITELY want to believe in.

    25. A tiny finger puppet to pull out whenever someone says "when pigs flies." It's a great negotiation tactic.

    26. A chain necklace so people know your one and only love is wine.

    27. A bag of pug gummies, which by the way, is also called a "grumble."

    28. An encouraging notepad to help you be purrductive.

    29. A pair of earrings that will give you paw-se because they're so adorable.

    30. Mason jar measuring spoons to make your kitchen look like a kitschy baker's dream, even if the only baking you do is with a mug in the microwave.

    31. Dachshund corn cob holders that make dinner time doggone adorable.

    32. A pair of bee hair clips everyone will be buzzing about.

    33. A furry phone case to greatly improve your mirror selfies.

    34. Precious socks with little pooches on the heels because your actual dog is always on your heels already.

    35. A pair of little cactus friends that will make your clothes dry faster and fluffier.

    36. A charming white fox pin to take enamel pin hoarding to an art collecting level.

    37. A birthday card that becomes a 3D llama to show your BFF how extra your love for them is.

    38. A zodiac constellation necklace for a subtle way to rep your sign.

    39. A clever little makeup sponge holder to turn your beauty supplies into tiny chicks.

    40. And inflatable flamingo cup holders so your drink can come with you in the pool. If you don't have a cocktail are you even relaxing???

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