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    29 Products That Literally Made Me Shriek From The Cuteness

    Look at this cute stuff!!!

    1. A mouse hole wall decal so everyone can say you have a real mouse pr-aww-blem.

    2. A fuzzy watermelon keychain you need to ~seed~ to believe.

    3. A little ghost candle that will put you in good ~spirits~.

    4. A teeny-tiny harmonica keychain for playing the mini-blues for your friends with minor problems.

    5. A pack of purrfectly round cat magnets you'll be coochie-cooing every time you walk to the fridge.

    6. Speaking of cats, a cat-topped lippie everyone will think is really amewsing.

    7. A pack of Eevee evolution makeup brushes for your ever-evolving collection of beauty supplies.

    8. A jumbo Cable Bite that chomps down on your charger so you always know which one is yours.

    9. A teeny-tiny cockatiel plush for a pocket pal to keep you company.

    10. A mini wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man — you can learn some great moves from this guy.

    11. A darling mini Krusty Krab butter dish you'll find a lot more enticing than a Chum Bucket margarine pot.

    12. A happy narwhal mug ready to be your ~buddy~ every morning.

    13. A miniature Starbucks mug ring or cup keychain to properly rep your favorite brand of hot bean water.

    14. A mini bell jar light featuring a chibi version of Harry, Hermione, Hagrid, or Ron. It's so cute, you might forget to check the mail that day for a Hogwarts letter.

    15. An allergy sniffles club pin that I find deeply, deeply relatable.

    16. A blind box with a surprise treat inside. (These may be cute enough to eat, but sadly, you cannot.)

    17. A charming pajama set for the cute connoisseur who never sleeps on the chance to be adorable.

    18. A serene trinket dish to help you stay zen, even when you only have five minutes to pick out some earrings and go.

    19. A pair of Gumby socks so cute, they might make Nopey say "yes!" for once.

    20. A pack of crystal-shaped sticky notes. Do you really need these? Of ~quartz~ you do!

    21. A Halloween-themed squeaky toy pack for your spooky dog who shares your love of candy corn. (JK, don't give your dog candy.)

    22. An embroidered shirt that I would ~lion~ if I said wasn't the sweetest thing since sliced fairy bread.

    23. A mini notebook with rainbow pages and a big smile on the front. It will help you tackle any goal, one productive list at a time.

    24. A matryoshka doll matchbook sure to set your heart on fire.

    25. A cat cap to somehow make your feline friend even more adorable.

    26. A light-up cactus diffuser to help with your office's unfairly dry air. What is this? The desert?

    27. A monstera ring you'll never want to ~leaf~ hanging.

    28. A pack of fruit pens for a sweet pop of color at your desk.


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