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    30 Shoes That Prove It’s Possible To Be Sensible And Stylish

    Yes, you can get shoes that do both.

    1. Ballet flats, because you don't need hours and hours of dance training to know how classic and elegant these look on. Plus, reviewers swear this style gets comfier the longer you wear them!

    2. Adidas sneakers that are a classic for a reason — they go with everything (yes, even dresses and skirts) while still making you feel so on-trend.

    adidas superstar shoes with three black stripes on either side

    3. A flat specifically designed with "Vio-Motion Technology," which means they hug your arches and support your feet, so your feet stay comfortable no matter how long you end up walking in them.

    pointed-toe flats in black with snakeskin on top

    4. Scalloped sandals with a block heel small enough that you'll feel a little boost of confidence but won't have to worry about your feet hurting in a matter of hours.

    the block-heel sandals with scalloped straps across the toe and around the ankle in lilac

    5. A pair of Rainbow wave sneakers your arches will be thanking you for purchasing because they are not only fun and add a pop of color to your outfit, but they also have Ortholite insoles.

    White sneakers with embroidered rainbow along the outsides and embroidered sun in yellow and orange along the insides

    6. A pair of Sorel wedge sandals you can walk 500 miles in this spring (and then 500 more this summer). These wedges may be the most comfortable heels you put on your feet, so it doesn't matter where you end up wearing them.

    model wearing the open-toe wedge sandals with two white straps across the footbed, strap around the heel and grey wedge and sole

    7. Puma Liga Og sneakers for a casual look that doesn't skimp on the style. You'll def want to cuff your pants a couple of times just to show these off more.

    model wearing the beige and white sneakers with tan sole and blue wave on the sides

    8. Lace-up hiking boots you don't need to climb a mountain to rock. But I mean, sometimes the grocery store feels like its own kind of mountain, if you know what I mean.

    the lace-up boots in black

    9. Strawberry ankle strap kitten heels with a retro flair that will be a ~berry~ cute edition to your look. Not to mention that the kitten heels mean you can wear them for hours and hours no problem. Get ready to see me rocking these around my house every day for the next year.

    red and black kitten heels with ankle straps and strawberries across the toes

    10. A pair of penny loafers you can dress up with a suit or dress and down with jeans and a T-shirt for a look that will work ~overtime~ getting you where you need to go.

    11. Some platform oxfords you'll want to go back to school just to show off and get an A+ in style (and comfort).

    the lace-up platform oxford shoes in beige with white bottom

    12. Tortoise wedges made with a soft padded footbed so even if these look like they could be uncomfortable, trust me, you might just feel like you're walking on air in these babies.

    the black wedge heels with brown and black tortoise opaque strap across the toes

    13. Pointed-toe slip-ons perfect for the days when you're running late but still want to look put together. Just shove your feet in them and run out the door.

    the pointed-toe slip-ons in black

    14. Oxford lace-ups specifically designed with water- and stain-resistant fabric, so you won't have to worry if you get caught in the rain (or even if you accidentally spill a piña colada on them).

    the blue knit sneaker with blue laces and white scalloped sole

    15. Mules to give your style a little ~boost~ without making you feel like you're a baby giraffe just trying out their legs for the first time.

    model wearing the block-heel pointed-toe mules in black

    16. Steve Madden animal-print sneakers in a mix of animal prints to help show off your ~wild~ side. And by wild side, I mean your ability to pair these with everything you have in your closet knowing your feet will not be screaming at you at the end of the day.

    17. Cut-out mules designed to be a more sophisticated take on a flat that doesn't let the comfort ~slide~.

    Model wearing the pointed toe open-back flat with a cut out over the top of the foot.

    18. A pair of bow-top flats, because cute and comfortable shoes are the ~gift~ that just keeps on giving.

    pointed toe flats with a bow on the top and black and white snakeskin print

    19. Rothy's Mary Jane flats I'll get straight to the ~point~ about — not only is this stand-out style made from recycled materials, but they're also stretchy (meaning they hug your feet) and washable, so your feet will always feel fresh (literally and figuratively).

    model wearing the pointed flats in navy blue with a blue and white gingham bow across the top

    20. A pair of clogs you ~wood~ be caught wearing because they're cute and different, yet extremely comfortable.

    21. Color-block sneakers not only made with a removable insole pad and arch support but also with breathable mesh fabric, meaning you can wear this ~stand~-out style all the way through the summer months without your feet getting super sweaty (which is one of the worst feelings in the world IMHO).

    the blue, pink, and light pink stretchy sneakers with laces across the top

    22. A pointed toe buckle flat so you won't accidentally slip out of your shoe and end up stepping on the disgusting ground. Don't you act like it hasn't happened to you before! You know what I'm talking about!!!

    the flat with black pointed toe and yellow heel and ankle strap

    23. Cole Haan lace-up sneakers with a sporty yet nice look, meaning you can wear them in almost any situation. And with the comfort these have, I wouldn't be surprised if you did.

    the grey knit sneakers with grey laces and brown leather on the sides and heels

    24. Thigh high boots with the power to give you a ~leg~ up in the fashion game and make you feel like you're strutting down a runway as you walk down the street. Work it!

    25. Suede sneakers specifically designed to be super lightweight — in fact, each one only weighs 1 lb each. Plus, they're waterproof, anti-microbial, and have an oh-so-chic look you'll love.

    Model wearing the sneaker-style shoe with brown suede body, white sole, and laces

    26. Chinese Laundry sandals with a block heel, so they'll be comfortable to wear for hours, even if you find yourself walking through grass.

    Reviewer wearing the slip-on block heel sandals with two straps across the top where one has a thick buckle in mustard yellow

    27. Rhinestone pointed slip-on mules you better keep somewhere safe when you're not wearing them because Cinderella might try and steal them from you (especially when she realizes they're SO much more comfortable than her glass slippers).

    reviewer wearing the pointed-toe slip-on flat with pointed toe in pink suede-like fabric and circular embellishment on top

    28. Waterproof suede chukka boots, a must-have for anyone who haaaates having to break in a new pair of shoes. These come ready to go on whatever adventure you're going on.

    model wearing the green suede boots with brown sole

    29. A leopard-print flat you'll be ~spotted~ in at least once a week because they're a neutral and will go with everything while keeping your feet happy.

    the pointed-toe flat with black and light brown leopard print

    30. And a pair of plaid mules I'm pretty sure will have you staring in a new version of Happy Feet, except this film would just be you ~happily~ dancing down the street in your 3.5-inch block heels, without an uncomfortable shoe care in the world.

    the mules with circular heel and yellow, blue, and white plaid cross-top mules

    I'm obsessed with buying shoes, and 100% okay with it!

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