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    28 Things Under $20 You'll Want To Add To Your Wardrobe

    "Only got $20 in my pocket." —me, all the time, even though I continue to shop

    1. A pair of high-waisted yoga pants you can downward dog in and feel even better in than the person next to you who paid triple the price for their leggings. And do theirs have pockets?? (Well maybe, but these do too!)

    2. A fuzzy pullover sweatshirt to pair with your go-to leggings and look stylish and yet oh-so-comfortable.

    3. A bell-sleeve pullover sweater so cute that when a friend asks you to borrow it you can say, "Sorry, my hands are tied."

    4. A pair of faux-leather high-waisted leggings you'll put on when you want to feel like even more of a rock star than you already are.

    5. A button-down shirt that will be a tie-riffic addition to your wardrobe — you'll grab this right from the clean laundry pile every time.

    6. A sweater with rhinestones to help you shine bright like the diamond you are.

    7. A square-neck top that's perfect for your next folk festival...or girls night, whatever's more your speed!

    8. A lightweight cardigan to add as an extra layer to an outfit when you're not quite sure what the temperature is going to be.

    9. A velvet V-neck cami that will have you ~feeling~ yourself whenever you wear it. It's soft, it's stylish, what's more to love?

    10. A sheer lace blouse so gorgeous you'd better warn your friends you're going to wear it — because it definitely warrants an impromptu photo shoot.

    11. A ruffle peplum blouse that's perfect for when you have a date planned right after work.

    12. A basic denim shirtdress with a tie waist to give you a classic shape and office-appropriate look.

    13. A V-neck dress that may ruffle some feathers when people find out how little you paid to look this fabulous.

    14. A floral western-style shirtdress with a ruffle collar you'll be frilled to wear no matter the occasion.

    15. A long-sleeve shirtdress you can just imagine yourself walking down the streets of Italy in, even if you've never been there.

    16. A truly showstopping blouse that will have all your friends exclaiming, "You've got to be kitten me right meow!"

    17. An open-back shirt your sister, or mom, or cousin, or friend, or maybe even stranger will try to steal from you 'cause it's adorable.

    18. A faux suede miniskirt you might as well buy two or more of because it will go with *literally* everything in your closet — it's a quality basic for a very reasonable price.

    19. A glimmering pleated skirt you'll truly ~shine~ in.

    20. A printed sheath dress to wear to work and ace that big presentation in front of the partners. (They'll never know your dress costs less than their lunches!)

    21. An adorable French terry pullover your mom might have had in the '80s, but everything comes back in style, so it's your turn now.

    22. A leopard-print pullover sweater to wear when you're feeling ~wild~ — or when you're feeling like going home after work and doing absolutely nothing, either way.

    23. An embroidered bell-sleeve top you can pair with jeans and look perfectly chic.

    24. A tie-waist jumpsuit that will show off your true stripes — as a frugal fashionista, that is.

    25. A pair of drawstring joggers to give you that athleisure look you've been trying to perfect for months. You're doing amazing, sweetie!

    26. A long-sleeve turtleneck dress with lace trim you can pair with tights or leggings and riding boots for the perfect cold-weather date-night look.

    27. A pair of ruffle-hem leggings to make you feel instantly fancier even though you're so comfy.

    28. And a bell-sleeve sweaterdress with a pretty back-twist detail so people can admire your look even as you're walking away.

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