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    22 Things Under $20 That'll Have You Feeling Like Your Best Self

    Put your best foot forward.

    1. A planner to help organize your life by day, week, or month, to keep track of all your appointments and errands, and to provide a place for any thoughts you may want to jot down and return to later.

    2. A pack of pimple patches that'll help clear up breakouts overnight by extracting gunk while you snooze.

    3. A pack of affirmation cards to read every morning for uplifting and positive messages without being overly sappy and cheesy.

    4. A hydrating argan oil hair mask designed to strengthen and repair dry or damaged hair, leaving it feeling silky smooth.

    5. A leak-free reusable water bottle so you can finally hit those hydration goals you keep setting for yourself.

    6. A migraine relief stick for anyone who has experienced the pain of a really, really bad headache. It's made of a mixture of essential oils to relieve tension.

    7. A fuzzy pair of non-slip animal socks that'll become an important part of your self-care routine each night.

    8. A pair of beaded statement earrings because no outfit feels complete until you accessorize. And a great outfit can completely uplift your mood.

    9. A caffeine-free tea to aid with bloating and unwanted gas. Let's admit it, we've all had those days when we just feel terrible and need some relief!

    10. A set of resistance bands for when you want to start off your day with a quick workout. I mean, exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy and happy people just don't shoot their husbands. NAME THAT MOVIE.

    11. A mini steamer so you never leave the house in a wrinkled mess. This little gadget will keep your clothes looking like they just came from the dry cleaner.

    12. A bubble bath serum to soothe and revitalize your skin. Plus taking baths is super relaxing and can aid in stress relief.

    13. A snack pack that'll help you avoid getting hangry mid-day and snapping at the first person who asks you an annoying question.

    14. A mini, portable humidifier with an 8-hour working time and an automatic shut-off feature to bring with you everywhere so you never have to worry about getting a dry, scratchy throat again.

    15. A bold red lipstick that'll get you in a confident mindset to take on whatever the day may throw at you.

    16. A grooming kit because one thing that makes me feel infinitely better about myself is clean, kept nails and eyebrows. RIP claws and unibrows.

    17. A fidget toy for those antsy moments when you just need to get out your anxiety by doing something with your hands.

    18. A ball of string lights perfect for transforming your bedroom into the coziest slice of heaven so you can go to bed fully relaxed and wake up feeling 100% reenergized.

    19. A bottle of biotin that may help support healthy hair, skin, and nails.

    20. A dress you can wear during every season that'll make you look adorable with minimal effort. Just pair with a jean jacket in the fall, stockings in the winter, a light cardigan in the spring, and sandals in the summer.

    21. A set of five succulents for your apartment to add greenery that any *brown* thumb can keep alive.

    22. And finally, a Rosie The Riveter enamel pin because you're someone who rolls up their sleeves to get stuff done. Never forget how strong and amazing you are.

    Live every day like you should treat. yo. self.

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