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    29 Things For Your Home Nobody Will Believe You Got For Under $20

    Chic style on a budget is easier than you think.

    1. A mini table lamp that will illuminate the room and your home decor.

    2. A set of coasters you'll be over the moon about — so you can finally retire those flimsy coasters you picked up at random bars over the years.

    3. A gold metal cake stand that'll impress all your friends the next time you host a birthday party.

    4. A neon lightning bolt to add a spark to that gallery wall you've been trying to perfect for months.

    5. A three-tier wire basket so you can thoughtfully display those fruits and vegetables that have been sitting in the middle of your kitchen table for weeks now.

    6. A gold wire wall panel to display photos, mementos, and other small trinkets.

    7. A woven basket to stash extra blankets in, so you can grab them in a dash when you snuggle up on the couch for a movie night.

    8. A glass carafe you'll impress your overnight guests with when you serve them fresh-squeezed orange juice in the morning. (Okay, maybe it's not fresh squeezed, but they don't have to know that!!)

    9. A ceramic hanging planter that will take your plant-mom status to ~new heights~.

    10. A sleek stovetop espresso maker that will help make your morning cup o'joe quickly — so much so that you may never want to buy a cup of coffee again.

    11. A simple yet chic bamboo wine rack you can use to store and display up to eight bottles of wine (or other beverages, oil, and vinegar bottles).

    12. A pressed floral frame to decorate your home with the flowers that always seem to die two days after you buy them.

    13. A Himalayan salt lamp that gives off a soothing and calming glow to help you feel more at peace.

    14. A five-tier corner shelf to maximize all the space in your apartment, even that random corner you didn't realize you could make use of.

    15. A super-fluffy ombre faux-fur throw pillow you'll want to squeeze every time you plop down on your couch.

    16. A slate cheese board you'll be goudabout using when you have your friends over for a movie night.

    17. A macrame hanging wall mirror so you'll be able to take another look at yourself as you walk on by.

    18. A snake-shaped candlestick Taylor Swift *probably* already owns, so you should too.

    19. A convenient multipurpose kitchen stand that can hold a pot lid and ladle while you cook, or keep a cookbook open to make things a little easier.

    20. A light-up letter board you can personalize, because sometimes you just need a motivating message to help you make it through the week.

    21. A decorative glass candle holder set to instantly make any room feel a little bit fancier.

    22. A simple end table with a shelf that's been said can be put together with no tools in five minutes. Challenge accepted!

    23. A set of five petite glass vases, because flowers in tiny vases are just so much cuter than they are in regular-sized ones.

    24. An embossed toilet brush holder that will add such an elegant touch to your bathroom your guests probably won't even realize what it actually is.

    25. A steel teapot that's short and stout (and sleek) and will brew you the perfect cup of tea.

    26. A geometric wire photo frame to give your photos some dimension and add a little personality to your desk or coffee table.

    27. A fun pizza throw that might be cheesy but will liven up any room.

    28. A faux sheepskin area rug to add a soft spot to the floor and make your home even cozier.

    29. A set of stemless wineglasses that are seriously shatterproof so you won't be mad if you friends drop them accidentally after one too many drinks.

    Your friends when you tell them how much you paid for all the stuff in your home:

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