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    24 Inexpensive Tech Products You’ll Probably Wish You’d Known About Sooner

    "Wow, I need all of these." —me, writing this post

    1. Some too-cute-for-words cable charms that actually protect your cords from fraying and breaking so you don't have to get a new one every three months.

    2. A Cableyoyo to prevent your headphones or charging cable from getting tied in a huge knot every time you put them in a bag.

    3. A set of camera lenses so you can transform your little old phone into a fancier one that takes great pics because the newest iPhone is expensive and this will help you take the same quality pics for a fraction of the cost.

    4. A 9-foot extension cord with outlets at 3-foot intervals so you don't have to feel constrained by the plugs in your home and can put lights and power wherever you need it.

    5. An air vent car mount with a strong magnetic hold so you can follow directions without touching your phone while you drive.

    6. A PopWallet+ designed with your best interests in mind so you don't have to choose between having a way to hold your phone and keep it steady or having a place to store your credit cards. This little thing does both. *chef's kiss*

    7. A remote attachment for the Amazon Fire TV Stick so you can control your whole TV with one remote and not spend 20 minutes trying to remember which remote does what.

    8. A USB charging cable bracelet that looks super chic but is actually quite practical: Just take the bracelet off and use it to plug your device into a portable battery.

    9. A cozy headband with built-in speakers, so it's super easy to keep your ears warm and listen to music when you go for a run in the colder months — or even while you sleep!

    10. A wireless charging pad because I can't be the only one who has forgotten to actually plug my phone in when I tried to charge it. All you have to do with this is set your phone on it!

    11. Necklace headphones with magnets to connect the earbud and audio jack so you can wear your headphones around your neck and never worry about them tangling again.

    12. A cellphone magnifier so you never have to crowd around one tiny phone to watch a video again — this makes the display two to four times bigger.

    13. A flexible tripod to help you get the perfect group pic when you want everyone to be in it so you *finally* have a pic of your dad with the rest of the family because it's getting a little weird that he's not in your family photos cuz he's always the one who volunteers to take the picture.

    14. A portable and waterproof Bluetooth speaker to turn your shower time into concert time without worrying that you'll ruin your phone.

    15. A three-in-one charging stand designed so all your products can charge at the same time so you don't leave home and realize that your phone is charged but your headphones are dead...again.

    16. A shower beer bluetooth speaker perfect for anyone who enjoys a cold one *and* music in the shower...because you can (and should) do both.

    17. A three-way splitter that works on phones, tablets, and computers so multiple people can listen/watch the same thing at the same time.

    18. A charging station with six USB ports so you can charge all your devices at the same time and make your life about five times easier.

    19. A sliding webcam cover that protects your privacy (hello, Black Mirror) and gives you peace of mind while using your laptop. Plus, it's super easy to slide off when your parents FaceTime you!

    20. A dual-USB charging station with a wedge-shape design to fit in between cushion so you can easily charge your phone and watch tv at the same time. Game changer, if I do say so myself.

    21. A pair of Earhoox designed specifically for Apple EarPods and AirPods so they don't fall out when you're exercising or, you know, just walking down the street.

    22. A wireless finger mouse that allows you to move the mouse and type at the same time so you can be productive as possible.

    23. A tablet mount so you can watch the latest season of Mindhunter while lying down in bed and have the ultimate lazy day because we all need that every once and a while.

    24. A Wi-Fi smart mini plug that will stop you from ever questioning if you turned your curling iron off. All you have to do is check the app or ask Alexa to make sure it's off.

    Me throwing my money at all these cool little things:

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