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    27 Products People Actually Said They Were Glad They Invested In

    No buyer's remorse here — these products already come with a stamp of approval.

    1. A Caraway ceramic nonstick cookware set that comes with magnetic pot holders and a canvas lid holder so you can instantly organize the set and keep it from taking over your whole kitchen.

    The four pants in green in the rack in a cabinet with the lid holder with the green lids in the slots hanging on the door

    2. A Vitruvi diffuser brilliantly made to look so chic sitting in your home — while also releasing steam and essential oils to help you destress a bit.

    The oval-shaped diffuser with steam coming out of the top in dark grey

    3. A pair of Beats Powerbeats headphones to tune out any noise around you (whether you're at home or outside) so you can focus on crushing those weighted squats and not the barking dog.

    4. A Slip silk pillowcase here to make sleep feel even more like a ~dream~, especially when you wake up without sleep lines or bedhead.

    Model hugging a pillow with the silk pillowcase on it in black

    5. An air fryer designed to help you grill, roast, and bake up some delicious food in minutes. It uses "rapid air technology" to cook your food evenly and give you crispy fries, tasty veggies, and more without using any hot oil.

    6. A breathtakingly beautiful cashmere coat so timeless and classic you'll be wearing it for years to come.

    Model wearing the below knee-length coat with large pockets and tie waist in beige

    7. A set of food storage containers featuring air-tight lids so you can store your food in an aesthetically pleasing way, while also knowing that it will stay fresh until you're ready to use it.

    8. A Oui the People single-blade razor made to give you one of the closest shaves of your life without leaving razor burn or in-grown hairs behind. Plus, it's not made of plastic, so you can use it forever and reduce your waste.

    Model using the rose gold-colored razor on their armpit

    9. A PhoneSoap UV sanitizer built specifically with UV-C bulbs to kill 99.99% of the bacteria and germs on your phone in as little as 10 minutes.

    10. A Dyson Supersonic hair dryer (with high-velocity airflow to dry hair faster and prevent heat damage) so you can have luscious locks all the time.

    11. Stasher reusable storage bags great for anyone who's trying to reduce their plastic waste — plus, these bags can also be put in the microwave, freezer, dishwasher, boiling water, and even the oven (up to 400 degrees).

    12. A pair of Apl TechLoom wave sneakers made with a 3D-stretch knit so they're lightweight but still supportive enough for any type of workout you do — from strength training to a dance class.

    The knit sneakers in grey with grey laces and white soles

    13. A Nespresso Vertuo with the power to make such delicious coffee at home you may never visit a coffee shop again. Just think how much money you'll end up saving with this smart investment.

    Reviewer pic of the machine, plus the aeroccino milk frother next to it and a drawer of pods under it

    14. An Allswell Supreme mattress that really says it all in the name — with a graphite and copper gel-infused memory foam layer, built-in Euro top, individually wrapped coils, and more, this mattress really goes the extra mile to make it feel like you're sleeping on a cloud at night.

    The grey mattress with the memory foam layer in a bed frame

    15. A portable beauty fridge perfect for anyone who takes their skin care seriously and wants a way to keep their products fresh and ready for use.

    16. A knitted weighted blanket constructed from organic cotton, so it's an eco-friendly (and beautiful) way to help reduce anxiety and get deeper sleep.

    The chunky knit blanket in purple

    17. An Embark dog DNA test for anyone who never has an answer when asked the question "What kind of dog is that?" The test screens for more than 350 breeds, types, and varieties. Plus, it tests for more than 190 genetic diseases, finds and connects you with other dogs that share DNA with yours, and gives you these results in as little as three to five weeks.

    The test results with a French Bulldog biting the corner

    18. A Fellow Stagg electric pour-over kettle capable of giving minimalists (and nonminimalists alike) heart eyes because it is not only super chic, but it also will help craft the perfect cup of pour-over coffee or tea with its variable temperature control and precision heating.

    The black matte kettle with matching base

    19. A compact air purifier complete with a three-stage filtration system to keep the air in your home free of dust, smoke, pollen, mold, pet hair, and more.

    20. A drop-leaf wood-top steel-leg dining table that folds up small so you can use it as a console table and then when you have dinner guests, simply pull it out, lift the side leaves and pull the legs to reveal a table big enough to seat four.

    21. THE Amazon jacket because WINTER IS COMING (gasps!) and this number will keep you warm and stylish through every temperature drop and snow storm the weather throws your way.

    22. A Sorel sneaker boot combining the warmth and protection of a boot with the sleek design of a sneaker for a shoe you can wear all fall and winter without feeling like you're a giant clomping down the street as you walk.

    The sneaker-style shoe with white sole, olive green and dark grey body and laces.

    23. An Ugg plush throw blanket, because it's time to invest in a blanket that will actually keep you so warm and cozy you might not want to get off the couch at night to move to your bed.

    The fleece blanket in light blue

    24. An Instant Pot perfect for anyone who hates cooking (and even people who enjoy it) to make it so much easier to make delicious meals that you *might* stop making mac 'n' cheese three times a week.

    Reviewer picture of the circular-shaped InstaPot with a plate of breaded chicken in front of it

    25. An denim sherpa jacket, switching up the classic look of a denim jacket with a cozy lining to keep you stylish *and* warm.

    Model wearing the light blue denim jacket with fuzzy collar

    26. A Rocketbook smart reusable notebook that takes your hand-written notes and makes them digital so when your boss asks for a recap of that meeting in your one-on-one, you can send it as an attachment and look super on top of everything.

    Reviewer pic of the notebook open on a desk with notes neatly written on either side and two pens sitting next to it

    27. And the Snoo — a smart bassinet with automatic rocking motions and soothing white noise that may just be a lifesaver to new parents, because it's designed to help your newborn baby (up to 6 months) actually sleep at night.

    The oval-shaped bassinet in white with a wood bottom and white legs

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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